Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jack @ss

I work for an engineering firm as a Project Secretary. I am the office assistant for the project and the team. Sometimes, we have consultants that come in to temporarily help out for some of the tenders because we do not have enough manpower in the division to cover all the work that needs to be done before we issue a tender. I sit beside one of these guys. He's a total jack @ss. I am an assistant that helps the whole team out. He thinks I'm his personal assistant. Yesterday, he drops a drafting spreadsheet on my desk and doesn't let me know when they are due. I have other things to do and so if you don't let me know, it's not my fault if it's not done when you wnat it because I prioritize my work accordingly. He dropped them on my desk yesterday afternoon, close to the end of the day and didn't say that he needed it by the next morning. I was going to work on them this morning but when I come in to work, I drop my stuff off at my desk, turn the computer on, go and get some tea from the kitchen. I was standing at the kitchen chatting with my co-worker when this jack @ss comes up and shouts at me. He tells me I have to do the drafting revisions now and he wants them in 30 minutes. I asked him, did he want them back to make the changes if he was in such a rush and he shouted, no he wanted me to do them. Excuse me? How rude. He thinks I'm his personal assistant.... arrgh... Thankfully, he's only temp'ing until the end of this month or next but I'm going on vacation in 3 days!!

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