Friday, December 16, 2005

My Little Brother All Grown Up

I spoke to my little brother and I think he is finally growing up. He's 26 turning 27 this February and I didn't think he would ever find a real job to settle down with. But I think he finally managed to find something. He has been given an opportunity to work with Wella as an instructor/sales manager. This would be really awesome if he is the winning candidate (he will find out next week). He has the perfect personality (charming, charismatic, smooth talking) and dresses the part (he's a perfectionist, down to the socks that match his outfit and he never leaves the house without perfecting his hair). He had two interviews and they think he might be the one. He's up against one other so he has a good chance. Over 1000 applicants had applied. It is quite difficult to get into such a high profile company like this so I am very proud of him. And he's very serious about this career path which surprises me as he wanted to get out of the hair industry. (Note: My father sent him to England to study at Vidal Sasson) Wishing him lots of luck! I hope he gets this one!

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