Thursday, April 22, 2010

Azia Restaurant

Tonite I met up with Jas for dinner at Azia cos we had some catching up to do before her trip to Costa Rica for a week! I'm happy that she is finally getting some real holiday time cos her last trip to Asia was not really a vacation. She's going to go get some well deserved rest and sunshine! We talked about what was going on with life and work, her company has finally offered her a full time position but with no salary raise nor title change. She really was hoping for an increase in salary and a title change but I said it's not about your "title" altho she thinks otherwise. IMO, it's HOW HAPPY ARE YOU at your work place or environment??!!?? More money is nice too but if I'm not going to be happy with who I work with or where I'm working, why would I stay??? But she's got a couple of days to think about it and I wish her the best luck in making the right decision. We decided to try Azia cos I've been dying to try this place, I did some researching and found out that the owners of Azia is also the owner of Shanghai Bistro on Alberni Street. Knowing this makes me feel a little better knowing this is at least authentic chinese food and not fusion chinese food! I do love the Mongolian beef at Shanghai Bistro, it is one of my fave dishes! I don't get to eat at SB very often as the only way to enjoy a variety of dishes would be to go with a larger group for lunch. We ordered a few dishes to share and noticed that the dishes were def much smaller (def for the non asian crowd) than what you would find a SB but flavours very yummy with the bonus of the dishes being less salty or oily. We did enjoy the meal but I don't think we'd go there again unless someone wanted to. I would rather go to SB and pay the same amount of money to get larger portions and to take the leftovers home. After dinner, we headed over to The Bay before calling it a night. It was so nice to catch up with her before she left cos HonHon is in town in 2 weeks which means I'll probably won't get a chance to see her again until Kay's SIXTEENTH birthday! Woah, 16 years, where did the time go??!!??

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