Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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Oh dear oh my! I finally found and bought (instantly) my Stuart Weiztmann pumps with the (faux?!?!) snakeskin and alligator leather in black! Beautiful shoes and worth every cent (including the interest that I will have to pay to have them!)

There is a story behind these shoes, I saw them online back in early summer when searching through SW's fall collection and then I found these beauties at Holt Renfrew in early August. I didn't try them on at that time cos it was still summer, I figured these will be around since it's the fall collection and I would try them on the next time I was in HR. I went back the following week and the shoes were gone! None on display (as if they never even existed) and the SA wasn't sure if HR would be getting in another shipment in this style. I went back every couple weeks since then and it seemed hopeless and I would have to figure out another way to get these. I was so desperate and love with them, I had considered driving to Seattle or ordering them online and sneaking them across the border (BFF's little sis has a PO box in Blaine, WA). But on Monday, as we were going through the shoe department, I quickly looked over at the SW's shoe wall and there they were!!! Right in front of my eyes!! I quickly grabbed the shoe and asked a SA to find me size. They fit me perfectly as if they were meant for my feet. I had to have them (only one set left in my size) so I charged them. Yes every cent of interest I pay will be worth it.

$405 (not including 12% taxes) - PRICELESS for happiness!