Monday, September 03, 2007

Shopping in the US

Wow, what a day of shopping! Last night, Kay and I slept over at Rhoda's place because we planned on getting up super early to hit the border and gosh was it ever a great idea! We ended up staying up way too late and waking up way too early but def. well worth it. I made the decision to take only $280 USD with me because I did not want to put any charges on my credit card and honestly, do I really need more than $280 to shop? We headed out nice and early, about 6.30am and the border wasn't too crazy long. But we got stopped in customs for a bit, apparently we look too young to drive an expensive car! After making it out of customs alive, we headed off to the Seattle Premium Outlet. We were there quarter to 10 (opens at 10.00am) and it's a good thing we decided to stop at the outlet first (we had planned on stopping in on our way back to Vancouver) coz it was already super busy when we got there! We hit the few stores that we needed to, Puma, Nike, and a couple of others, we were only there for an hour and by the time we left, it was super crazy packed!! I got a really nice pair of Puma sneakers for $49.99 and a pair of Puma capris for $19.99! After our brief shopping expedition, we headed off towards Seattle to pick up some vitamins for Jess but making a quick stop for lunch at Jack in the Box, apparently it's a tradition for them when they hit the states. Kay and I have never been to Jack in the Box and gosh, we had no idea what we were missing! It was super yummy! Sourdough Jack is the way to go! After lunch, we were back onto the freeway to make our way towards the small mall just outside of Seattle. After finding our way around, we picked up the vitamins and headed back north towards another mall in between Seattle and the Premium Outlet where there are lots of great stores and brands. Kay and I were not disappointed, I spent the rest of my money in the mall picking up a few tops for myself and Kay, Bath and Body Works, love their stuff, picked up some bubble bath, body butter and hand cream from the Brown Sugar and Fig line, a little lipgloss kit from Sephora and finishing off with ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery which has some amazing ice cream! Basically you choose a flavour on the menu, they put it and mix it up on this really dark and cold stone, sooo yummy! Apparently, this place didn't have the large selection it has in Haiwaii! Gosh, can you imagine all the flavours?? After a very long day with way too much driving and sitting in the car, we headed back towards Vancouver and when we finally got to the border, we had to wait 45 minutes! We cleared customs and decided to go to Richmond for dinner before calling it the end of the night. It was such a great road trip and Rhoda and I had a lot of road time to catch up on stuff and some more! These kind of road trips are the best!

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Did you get me an antena ball?