Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's been a while....

It has been a while since I have last updated. Which means I have a pretty boring life and I have nothing interesting to write about it..... The recent happenings in my life:

I have been having problems sleeping recently. Ok not so recent. It's been a few weeks that I have been having problems. I'm not sure what it is. I guess I could try picking up a bottle of red wine. Sometimes, that helps. I will see if I can get to sleep on my own this week and if not, I will buy a bottle of red for Sunday night. hehehe :o) What an excuse!

Season Premieres
Another thing, I love about fall besides the fall fashion, is the new shows for my telly addiciton. All my shows are back and no re runs!! Yipee. I caught Las Vegas on Sunday night and boy was it good! Not what I expected either. Also, CSI is on Thursday! Everybody Hates Chris is also Thursday! I can't wait. Finally some good stuff to watch while I veg out on the couch and shut my brain off......

Sometimes I feel like I am a therapist for both my parents. Really. I feel obligated to go over to my mom or my father's to listen to them bitch about anything and everything. Sometimes, it's draining. But I feel guilty. I am their daughter and I only see them once a week (which by the way is quite a lot as I know some people who only see their parents once a month!) and even though I have had a long work week, I feel I need to be there for them. Plus they always take me out for dinner or lunch and when I come home, I'm never empty handed.
Guilt is a powerful emotion.

Friday Night
I am suppose to hang out with my best friend and his girl on Friday night, she is leaving for Australia for a few weeks and wants to catch up before she heads out. The only problem is my best friend is a flake sometimes. I am POSITIVE he said Friday night but when I emailed him today, he told me no it was Saturday night. I am a mother of one sometimes two (hehe kidding!) and I always mark appointments/notes/anything to do with TIME on my huge calendar. I wrote it down for Friday. Fine, no big deal? Uh.... yes it is. Kay made plans for Friday night sleepover so I could go out and have some fun without worrying about her. She did ask me if it was ok for Friday or Saturday. Shoot, I should have reconfirmed this with my friend. So now I'm not so sure if I can go out now. I will have to call Kay and see if she can arrange it for Saturday instead. If not, I may only go out for a little bit and not drink. Which I guess is probably the best thing as I can't really afford to go out and drink. Or eat out either. Maybe Kay and I will catch a movie instead. Damn, was looking forward to dressing up and heading over to a nice restaurant/lounge/bar......

Not much happening here. I have a pretty stress free work enviroment. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have my moments. But I am quite happy and lucky to work with the people I have to work with. My project director is away on personal business and we are not sure when he will be back so it's a little quiet for me. But I do have some stuff I should catch up on. Some documents have been sitting on my desk cuz it's really boring and I am putting it off until the last moment.

Postlady not postman
I called the management company today. Yes I forgot to do it yesterday. Did end up being a little busy plus our receptionist had to go home cuz she wasn't feeling well which meant all the ladies on this floor had to do switchboard relief. I left a message with the person in charge of the building. Hopefully, he will get back to me today and I can pick up the remote controls from the downtown office as I work right by it. Not close but walking distance. Every week I have to go over and check's R's mail. But last week, Kay and I found out they are changing the security system and we need to purchase new remotes. The new security system is quite good. To access the elevator, you need to swipe the card or use the remote, we haven't figured that part out yet. But hopefully, we can purchase these remotes but I'm sure we are going to go through some problems in getting it cuz I'm sure they just won't allow anyone to purchase it. I bet, I will need R to either give them a call or write an email or letter stating that I am taking care of the apartment and I should be allowed to purchase them on his behalf. Who knows, we will see....... will update..... if not, your mailbox will be stuffed and the postman will stop delivering once it is stuffed.....

Fall Fashion
I love Fall Fashion and the other day, I got some really great deals at Winners. I love Winners. I got a chocolate brown suit with pink pinstripes. Beautiful, now I just need to alter the pants as they are just a tad too short. I also got a beautiful pair of black pants with white pin stripes. Also needs to be tailored. Kay and I ended up at Metrotown last week (while checking someone's mail) and we didn't get a chance to go into the new Winners at Metrotown but it's HUGE and it's NEAT and ORGANIZED. LOVE IT. I can't wait til we head back over there, we are going to go a little bit earlier so we can check out the new Winners. *sigh* wish I had a credit card that had an endless amount and that the bill never came to me.....

That's it for now.... back to work....

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