Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome Home!!

HonHon's plane arrived a bit later than expected and since I was earlier than expected, I ended up waiting almost 45 minutes for him!! Once I looked up from my ipod (watching a movie), I almost didn't recognize him cos he gained a little bit of weight. He says only about 5 pounds but I think he gained just a bit more than that! Which means there is just a bit more of him to love :) Of course, he never comes back empty handed and we got lots of great gifts! Kay got this awesome stuffie from Dubai, it's a huge camel with hair, so cute and I of course got my Hello Kitty items, not that I asked for a lot of HK stuff this time cos I had gotten so many in the past! But he did bring this one item back that is so cute and I didn't even ask for it :)

We decided to head back to my place since Kay would be excited to see her dad and when we got home, I noticed the vinyl in our bathroom / hallway was ripped out! I hope they were replacing it soon cos it's a bit of an inconvenience! The insurance people had come through the house earlier this week to look over the water damage from the leak and gosh, I didn't realize how badly the water damage was! The second floor, guest bedroom's ceiling had been opened up (due to the water sitting in the ceiling) so it could be aired dry, the second floor hallway was completely wet (large and LOUD fan dryers were sitting there blowing air towards the carpet), my gram's bedroom, bathroom and the common hallway was also soaked so there were 2 huge blowers up there. The house sounded like a factory cos there were so many blowers!! One leak could cause this much damage is insane. Once HonHon arrived, Kay and him were goofing around and I was getting super tired due to my sleepless night and very early morning wake up. After a few hours, it was time for HonHon to head back to Burnaby to his parent's condo cos I wasn't taking Thursday off, my vacation starts on Friday. It will be nice to have a week or so off to be a family :)

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