Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!


Ok, I do find this "holiday" a bit overrated and it's more commercial than any other holiday cos companies like Hallmark et la, convinces us that the more love = more money spent on us is HOW MUCH they truly care and love us. Really it is just another day but I do have to use, I do try to get another present out of this day from HonHon! But really, every day should be celebrated, non?

Today, we all woke up quite late in the day as we do when HonHon is back in town so we didn't get to do too much before our dinner plans. We spent the afternoon at home with Kay before we (HonHon and I) went downtown, dinner reservations at Aria at the Westin at 7pm. But before heading to dinner, we had plans to stop by Holt Renfrew (at PC - check out the Men's custom made suits) and Louis Vuitton for my v'day and b'day presents! It's hard to go shopping downtown on the weekends cos I work downtown and so on my weekends I don't want to be downtown! As I predicted, the Louis Vuitton store was extremely busy and so busy that the entrance from Georgia Street was closed, leaving only the hotel entrance to the boutique. There was a security guard allowing people in and out of the store and huge line ups at the cash desk. Luckily, we managed to sneak by and get into the store right away, I realized I wasn't going to get much help but luckily Hideko, my usual SA, saw us and greeted us but she was already busy with a handful of customers. She sent over another SA named David and he was actually quite helpful even though, the two items I was hoping to get were sold out in my colours. I didn't think there would be much left as Valentine's day is one of the busiest shopping days of the year esp in the LV boutique. David showed us a red Montaigne bag in the Epi line (the only one left in Vancouver) and even though I was very tempted to pick it up in the red, I asked if there were any black ones left, he said he had checked and only 2 left in Canada, both in Toronto, ON. We could order it and it would be here sometime next week but he told us to think about it. The red is nice but I really wanted the black one, I couldn't believe I had these items in my hands a few weeks before. But of course, if limited colours come in and you don't buy them right away, you lose out. The demand for other Louis Vuitton items meant there was no rush in producing the Montaigne bag so whatever they get is what they have until who knows when! We decided to walk around the boutique a bit more, left LV to "think" about buying the Montaigne in Toronto, headed over to the Gucci boutique to see what was available there, found nothing and headed back to LV. This time there were no problems getting back in as the boutique was closing in 30 minutes. We found David and gave him the go ahead on ordering the Montaigne from Toronto. As we waited for David to confirm the order, we walked over to the Epi line since HonHon said we could not leave LV empty handed and insisted I pick out a wallet. Cos I had wanted a pink or blue French Wallet in the Vernis line but none were available, I decided to look for a wallet in the Epi line cos another SA at the counter showed us a few pieces. It was a tough choice between a black Koala wallet or the Tresor wallet in black but I decided since I had already owned a Koala, I found the Tresor a bit more practical. David returned to confirm the order and it would arrive on Thursday of this upcoming week. I was ecstatic!! We high fived as he realized how happy I was to hear that I would be getting the bag and that I was picking up a matching wallet! (told him how my LV handbag and accessories were stolen last December) I can't wait to get the handbag, my HonHon is the BESTEST! He truly made my Valentine's day spectacular and we hadn't even started dinner yet. (Did I mention Louis Vuitton has raised the prices?!? I think it's a conspiracy, last month prices were down but it seems the mark ups always happen around this time of the year!!)

After Louis Vuitton, we stopped by Cupcakes on Thurlow Street to pick up our V'day dessert, yummy Valentine's cupcakes! Since it was too late to stop by Holt Renfrew, we decided to headed over to T&T to pick up some items for Kay before going for dinner at Aria. Once at Aria, I ordered from the Valentine's menu but HonHon decided to try the roast duck breast from polderside farms on an asiago & thyme risotto & candied apple jus and the appetizer was the tuna tower deconstructed: the “original” broken down to enjoy; ahi tuna, side stripe shrimp and avocado with a sesame vinaigrette. It was very delish and we both enjoyed our meals! Thank you HonHon for a wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day :) MUCH LOVE 2 U xoxo

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