Friday, February 13, 2009

The Cannery

(image from trent_maynard on flickr)

Tonight, HonHon and I had dinner at The Cannery which is our first time ever at this restaurant. We had no idea how to get there but googled it for directions. What a drive we had, once we reached McGill, we needed to drive thru the Port Authority and check in/out at the security points, we almost thought we were at the wrong place. Driving down the quiet and small street for another minute or two, we nearly missed it cos I was driving a bit too fast, we found a full parking lot but lucky for us, we pulled in when someone was pulling out and we got a good spot right by the front door. Wow, the restaurant had amazing views and we could understand why it was a full house. This is one of the best restaurants to enjoy a seafood dinner and we couldn't wait to be seated. We started off with a Seafood Platter for two (which had a fresh selection of seafood), HonHon decided on a Swordfish entree while I opted to go with the Parsley Garlic Linguini (
tossed with fresh chantrelle mushrooms, mussels, clams, smoked black cod and bay scallops, finished with Grana Padano Parmesan cheese) - boy it was super delish!! But I wish I chose the salmon chef special as I found the linguini a bit heavy (very creamy) but it was very yummy! It was a lovely night and we def enjoyed it, will have to come back!

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