Sunday, February 22, 2009

HB and Back 2 Work

Wow, this week has gone by fast! I can't believe I am back to work tomorrow! It has been a great visit and it is always nice to see HonHon even if it's only every 4 months! For the week, we did family things together what normal families usually do during a week but for us, it's a luxury cos HonHon is not here in the city on a full time basis. The week goes by so quickly when he's in town but the weeks leading up to his visit go so slowly. His next visit will be June or July and I'm sure once it gets closer, it will be by in no time!

Tonite, we celebrated my brother's 30th birthday, well his birthday was last week and he had celebrated his birthday for few days with his friends. Mom, Grams, and I took him out for dinner at Vivacity in Richmond cos they serve the best Peking duck and that is where he wanted to have dinner. Before taking him out for dinner, we had picked up a fresh cream fruit cake at Pine Cake House on Hastings. It was nice to see my brother since we don't see him that often and I hoped he enjoyed his dinner and his birthday cake.

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