Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 1 Year!

Today as mentioned, is Meryl and Vince's one year anniversary!

Jas and I headed over to their place for a home cook asian dinner and we hadn't seen Meryl since before they left for their trip which was in November! Meryl cooked a lovely asian dinner filled with rice (cooked in chicken stock), asian veggies, beef curry, steamed chicken served with ginger and hot sauce and soup. To compliment the meal, Shel brought over 2 bottles of wine, one red and one white, both from small Okanagan wineries. I usually don't drink white wine but I really enjoyed this one, it was filled with fruits and very sweet. Very yummy. After dinner, Meryl served a lovely asian dessert filled with logan and lycees complimented with a fruit syrup. I didn't have any cos the fruit came from cans and I don't eat anything from a tin can. No one had cupcakes (which is ok cos I get to take the leftovers home) but I had a Diva cupcake - mmmm....yummy! After dinner, we chit chatted for a few hours and it was a lovely evening with great friends, it's too bad Shel's wife couldn't make it! There's always next time!

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psychorich said...

Why was he taking pictures of those cupcakes instead of eating them?!