Monday, February 16, 2009

Hopcott Farms

Today, HonHon and I drove out to Pitt Meadows to visit the Hopcott Farms to pick up a roasting chicken cos I agreed that we would roast a chicken this time he's in town. Last nite, we made BBQ pork "chai siu" and it was a lot of work but worth it cos it is always so much yummier than take out or restaurant BBQ pork! I hadn't made in such a long time so the first batch was a bit off (first time broiling in this oven and we doubled the recipe this time cos HonHon wanted to) but we got it the second time. I wasn't too thrilled about driving out to Pitt Meadows since I'm a Vancity girl but he drove there and back plus google map's directions were not too bad or far from his condo. We left for PM in mid-day, the traffic wasn't too bad and it really wasn't that far, only about 25 minutes in the good traffic. Once we arrived, I was super excited to see what the selection of local meat was and it was great to see such a large selection of meats. We ended up with $68 worth of meat which included a roast chicken, a couple of bone in chicken breasts, some NY grilling steaks, peperoni sticks for Kay and of course, a few bone (smoked) treats for Ginger! We went home after the trip to butcher's (farm) to drop off the meat in the fridge before heading downtown to Holt Renfrew. At HR, we went over to the men's section to see how much it would cost for a made to measure suit, a designer starts at $2400 and a non-designer $1000! That was a bit more than what HonHon wanted to spend so we walked around to see what was left in the winter sales but nada. We went upstairs to check out Harry Rosen but again, not much left as all the spring items are out and if there were any good deals on winter items, it was either not his size or still too much or not what he was looking for. After our shopping, we decided to head home and spend the rest of evening with Kay. We roasted our chicken and gosh, was it ever delish! Super yummy! Both Kay and HonHon are spoiled when he's in town cos Kay and I don't normally eat like this and Kay was super happy about all this food and WHITE RICE - WOW!! hehehe, enjoy the photos, it really is as yummy as it looks!

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Me and Becky are both well, I think she likes the idea of doing her blog but doesn't seem to find the time.