Monday, February 02, 2009

BJ Cocktail Dress

Today on my lunch break, I went over to Betsey Johnson boutique to exchange my black handbag cos the handle of the bag was starting to crack and the seams were coming apart. At the boutique, there was only one bag left on display and the bag looked a bit rugged and the handle was already looking like it had a tear. The SA said I could do a straight exchange on anything in the store but I wouldn't get any money back if I picked something less than what I paid for the handbag. I ended up trying on a few different cocktail dresses and ended up a very pretty purple cocktail dress for an extra $1.67. I decided I could use the dress for Jess's wedding in August cos a few days ago, she had mentioned that I should (or in her words "needed") pick up a new dress for her wedding. She was pretty adamant and convincing even though I didn't understand why I needed a new dress. I have a few pretty dresses that I could wear but I gave in and said I would look for something. I told Rhoda this and she found out why Jess wanted me to pick up a new dress, she is trying to include me in her wedding party! She really doesn't need to but feel very honoured that she is thinking of me and wants me to be apart of her wedding :)

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