Sunday, April 01, 2007

Home Theatre

I do not need a man in the household except when the time comes for putting together a home theatre system or lifting large items or assembling furniture from IKEA.... y'know the list :)

HonHon was in town, last month, I asked him to take a look at the home theatre system to see if he could figure out how to set it up. This system is somewhat complicated, not as easy to set up as others, I have no clue why but it has something to do with the 6 different connections and 6 cables that it needs. HonHon plugged all the cables I had available and it didn't work. No sound. No video. He couldn't figure it out. HonHon is not that electronic friendly unless it is about the insides of the electronic, he is after all, an electronic engineer but when it comes to computers or setting up systems, no way. My friend, SH, is a computer geek and I figured he would be able to put it together or at least figure out which cables ran with which connections but he too failed to get it right. After two guys and weeks of waiting for Vince, I figured it was probably a good time to remind him of this favour.

Weeks ago, Vince promised he would come by my place to set up the system for my new TV. Also, he was the person who put it together the first time around. I remember he was saying there was a trick in setting up this home theatre system because of the way it was designed. Well, after a little bit of a bump, he figured it out and set it up with better sound quality than the last time (as I received another cable from my dad with superior quality) and it is awesome! Thank goodness it's done as it has been sitting in the corner of my living room for weeks!!

Y'all invited over for a movie! An action packed movie so you can hear the awesome sound quality. It's such a shame that I did not set up the back speakers but I am bothered by the fact that there will be wires running across my living room floor or ceiling ..... Maybe one day......


psychorich said...

I only got the main speakers to work... :=(

Joss said...

I was going tos ay that if it still wasn't working I'd try to get Andrew across to help you sort it out. Glad you have spectacular sound now. I still have to see Blood Diamond :)