Monday, April 23, 2007

The Hills on - Season Finale

Tonight was the season finale for The Hills, a spin off of the mtv reality show Laguna Beach. Kay and I invited Jas and Olivia over for a girls night in and since both Jas and Kay are huge fans, I thought it would be nice for the two to discuss the show during the aftershow party on It seems that I am also hooked on this show but will not admit that I am a huge fan. I am secretly rooting for Whitney Port, she is my fave. character on the show. But you can't help from falling in love with all the stars on the show. Whitney is so down to earth, adorable and gorgeous. Kay's fave. is LC - Lauren Conrad. She and Heidi Montag are the main stars of The Hills, both were on the Laguna Beach series but I am not a fan of Laguna Beach at all. Still can't watch it to this day, IMO The Hills is more entertaining and I love seeing the shots of LA. Reminds me of my summer vacation in LA with Jas. Well, I can't believe the show is over, now what are we going to watch? We have to wait until September for the new season and during the summer there will be a new season of Laguna Beach which Kay is very excited about. I guess I can only watch the reruns on mtv canada but Vancouver summers are way too nice to be indoors in front of the TV!

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Joss said...

I saw it too. I LOVE the show... except for Spencer who is a complete moron. It was great seeing the girls on the Aftershow too. Can't wait for the next season in September (although I'll probably be watching Laguna Beach this summer too).