Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Easter Dinner

{More Photos from Dinner}

Tonight, we celebrated Easter with mom and grandma. My brother, Kay and I went over to mom's house for a short visit before heading out to Richmond for dinner. Mom mentioned to me earlier in the week that I should probably make reservations at Dem Bones even though our dinner plans were really early just to be sure we could get a table. I should have listened and called but I did not. I assumed that at 5.30pm, it would be pretty empty as I don't think any family would be eating their Easter dinner at such an early hour. Well, guess I should have because when we arrived, to our shock, we noticed that it was dark and boarded up. Dem Bones is no longer open, the restaurant is closed for renovations and once it re-opens, it will be an Italian restaurant! Darn, no more Dem Bones? DB served some awesome ribs (not as good as Memphis Blues on Broadwa
y but still pretty good!), what a disappointment! Yes I know it's not a traditional Easter dinner but the main reason we wanted to go there was because my brother and I did not want to eat any more Chinese / Cantonese food! We usually go out to some seafood restaurant on these occasions and originally, we both wanted Greek food but my mom and grandma are pretty picky! We figured, you can't really go wrong with ribs :)
After some talk and thought, I decided to take them over to Aberdeen Centre to try Northern Delicacy restaurant. It's not greasy Cantonese food but instead greasy Northern Chinese food (well, Shanghainese). Also mom, grandma and brother have never been there, Kay and I have and we quite enjoyed it. Esp. since they make some really yummy xia long boa (aka "little basket bun" or soup dumplings) and hand-made to order noodles (inside the restaurant is a window booth with a pastry chef making the noodles). Very fresh delicious tasting yummies! If you have never been, you must try it at least once :) It is a little bit higher priced than other Shanghainese restaurants when there are quite a few good Shanghai restaurants in Richmond. A bit higher in price because their dishes are quite small and IMO, it is because Northern Delicacy is part of the Tropika Canada Group. It's well known that Tropika Restaurants have small sized dishes at outrageous prices. (Photos of our yummy dinner)

After dinner, mom and grandma had to leave for their Mahjong game (in Vancouver) and we, the kids, decided to stick around Aberdeen for a little while longer. Kay wanted bubble tea and my brother wanted a fresh mango fruit slushie so we headed up to the food court. We also wanted to browse through the newest store in Aberdeen, Ferrari & Maserati of Vancouver, which used to be the BMW store. Wow, nice cars and yours for only $150,000! As per Aberdeen's website, the grand opening for this store is on Sunday, April 15 between the hours of 1:00 - 3:00pm in which there will be 30+ exotic cars on display. Hmmm... that sounds interesting. Maybe we will check it out if we are not busy that day.

Finishing off their drinks and me deciding, at the last minute, to grab a tall Americano at Starbucks, it was time to call it a night. My brother had to see his on and off again girlfriend and both Kay and I needed to head home as I do not have Monday off (unlike the rest of Vancouver!) so I needed to get to bed. One good thing about going to work on a day most are off is that there will be little or no traffic on the roads tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter long weekend!


peachy said...

I am glad you had a good Easter

psychorich said...

So I guess it's a good thing that you got me that BMW sweater before they shut down.