Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Look?

I have been thinking (for the past couple of months) about changing my hairstyle. I am a little tired and bored with my long hair. Some days, I find my hair quite heavy because it is so thick. Although I have not had the nerve to do it, I would love to get an A line bob cut like Victoria Beckham (above) or as illustrated below (images borrowed from Eveline Charles Salons) but I am really afraid of cutting it this short! I have always loved my length plus it's so easy to manage since I have had the same style for the past 10 years! What do you think? Cut it or not? Hair will always grow back ..... right?


psychorich said...


Joss said...

I like the Victoria look. And yes, hair grows back. I took the plunge for a different 'do several years ago after having my hair the same for ages - it was good! Maybe your hairdresser could give you some advice as to whether the style would suit your face or not?

Good luck! :)

peachy said...

i really want to cut my hair but i don't think jon would like it,