Friday, April 06, 2007

Shopping, Dinner and Movie

Today, Kay and I met up with Jasmine to go shopping in downtown. What a great day to go shopping, the weather was awesome, sunshine and warm temperatures, a perfect day! Almost felt like summer and people were wearing shorts and flip flops today!

Ok, I know I am on a Louis Vuitton ban until August 2007 but I am going to break the ban! Yes, I am so bad! I have been researching (online) for a new Louis Vuitton bag for work because the Burberry tote I had originally bought for work is much too heavy (when my items are inside) to carry. I am planning on selling it on ebay or craigslist to cover some of the cost of my new LV "work/shopping" bag. I always try to research online for a new bag before going into the store because I am an impulse LV shopper. I will buy on the spot without thinking like my LV Monogram Agenda MM which I am now thinking of selling as well to make up the cost on my future LV work/shopping bag.

Of course, our very first stop would be Louis Vuitton in Hotel Vancouver to look at the Cabas Mezzo in the LV monogram. Because I am shopping with Jasmine and Kay, I knew those two would convince me to look at it, leave the store to think about it while shopping meaning there is the chance that I might forget about it. In the LV boutique, I found another bag on display which I fell in love with, Damier Hampstead GM (see photo below), a new item from the Spring 2007 line. Only $200 more, I could get a beautiful velvet interior with buckled straps and a Louis Vuitton Inventeur Plate which I love! I tried to stay FOCUS because I didn't look into this one while researching the Cabas Mezzo. Although, it is a beautiful bag, I realized it wouldn't be a good work bag because it would become too heavy for all my work stuff. Which means I would not end up using it for work! Since, it is a new bag and it is in the permanent collection, I can think about purchasing this bag in the future :)

After looking over the LV work/shopping bag, I left the boutique without my LV brown shopping bag and we headed next door to the Gucci boutique. I figured maybe I could convince myself and find a work bag (Gucci messenger bags are very cute and chic! at a reasonable price) at Gucci and not drop $1K+ on a work bag. Gucci did not have the messenger bag I was looking for and nothing else in there (except for their new jewellery pieces and watches) caught my eye. A little disappointed as we left the boutique and headed over to the Coach store on Georgia. Jas and Kay love Coach bags, me not so much, I am not a huge Coach fan and with good reason (will explain another time). Last week, Coach had a huge sale to clear out their fall/winter items pricing the bags to $30!! Now, $30 I would def. pick up a handbag but it was slim pickings and not much left in the sale pile. We did find a cute evening clutch but not at $30 only 30% off the original price which is still cost too much (IMO) for a Coach purse. Jas did pick up a cute wrislet last week for $15.00 and too bad Kay didn't find her hobo purse. Maybe next time.

Finished browsing through Coach, we left and headed towards Pacific Centre mall to browse in Holt Renfrew. While I was researching a new work bag, I thought about Chanel and decided to check out Chanel's site to see what is available in the Spring Collection. I didn't find a work bag but I did find a very cute black evening purse with the signature quilted design with a chained strap and the double Cs hardware. On the front flap of the purse, mini double cs in silver and gold. Very pretty and I want one, I think every girl should have AT LEAST ONE Chanel purse :) See photo below:While in Holt Refrew, we noticed HR did not have a Chanel section and found out HR does not carry Chanel but will be in the near future (once the new HR opens in Pacific Centre). There is a Chanel boutique on West Hastings but that was much too far of a walk for us. Decided to skip Chanel and head straight over to Blushing Designs as I have a 10% card on my first item purchase from her new Spring collection. I did not find my summer white dress although I did try on a couple of different dresses from her collection which I loved but stayed focus because I really wanted a white dress for my new pink jacket. I had no luck finding a dress but Jasmine found a gorgeous wrap dress (see photo below) and it looks scrumptious on her! It looks so much nicer on Jas than the model below because she's got some fine curves! I might not have found a white dress but came pretty close, I ended up buying a beautiful white eyelet lace skirt from Blushing Designs, very whimsical and romantic. The skirt fits beautifully on me, as if it was taliored to fit my measurements. How could I resist? Besides, I figured I am half way there in finding the summer white dress. It can't be that hard to find a cute summer top to go with it. Crossing my fingers in finding a close match to the skirt. If I cannot find one, I can always go back to BD and pick up the pretty white crossover top with lace which I found in her spring collection.

After our purchases at Blushing Designs, we headed back over to Robson street to do a little more shopping. Kay is in desperate need of a new "spring" jacket as she has outgrown her Gap jean jacket which we gave to Megan (our neighbor's little girl). It looks so big on Megan but so small on Kay! I keep forgetting that Megan is 7 years younger than Kay! We did find a new Gap Kids jean jacket for Kay and she is now in XXL which means this is pretty much her second to last year in the kid section which is freaking me out! I can't believe how big she is! Still a huge shock even when I see her size 5 feet!! I still can't believe it. It only seemed like yesterday that she was 2 years old!! Yes I know, I need to grip reality because in a few weeks my baby girl is going to be an official teenager. Yikes!!

While walking up and down Robson, we stopped in a few shoe stores, clothing stores and optical stores. Yes optical stores because Jas and I are looking for sunglasses but we didn't really find anything we liked or within our budget. I may spend over $500 on a handbag but will not spend that kind of money on a pair of sunglasses! We stopped in a few places and if we did find something, it was way too much or we didn't find anything at all. One place we stopped in, didn't have D&G sunglasses on display but instead kept the stock in black boxes which I thought was kind of odd. Another thing that threw me off was the fact that their D&G stock was much lower priced than all the other places! I knew right away they were knockoffs and once I looked to see where they were made in, it sealed my suspicion. They were selling FAKE D&G SUNGLASSES!! Let me tell you, I will never step foot in that store again. If they are selling fake D&Gs, how can you trust that the rest of their items are legit? I would not take that chance!

Our last and final stop was Bebe. We took a chance to see if they might have something to match my new skirt as I had been up and down Robson and did not find a thing! As luck (and not so lucky - breaking my bank!) would have it, I found an almost perfect match! Although the top was a little more than what I wanted to pay, it is worth it. Wearing it with the skirt with the top, it looked almost like it was one. I can't wait for my pink jacket to be altered and wear together on the first day of summer!

Of course that was the end of our shopping trip, both girls were very tired and I didn't want to drag them back to the Louis Vuitton store so we headed home. Jas was coming by our place for dinner and a movie. We stopped off at Choices and picked up a few items for our chicken stir fry. Dinner was nice and light. It was a pretty great day, shopping and all (even without purchasing my new Louis Vuitton). Trishaopholic for shopping buys!

After dinner, Jas and I watched Hard Candy (2005) while Kay had her ipod in her ears and played Sims 2 on the PC with her back towards the TV. This movie is rated R because of the language, violence and adult content. No nudity or blood except for a few scenes were you know there is blood and gore. A very powerful and convincing performance from both main characters. We really enjoyed the movie and it keeps you guessing and debating on whose the victim. The movie is shot in a house with 2 characters. The director did a really good job at keeping your eyes glued to the screen. If you have not seen this movie, I recommend it. Apparently, you either love it or hate it. Somewhat controversial but def. worth your time to see the movie. Plus it was produced by a Canadian Company (Lionsgate) and has two Canadian actors, Ellen Page and Sandra Oh.

Hard Candy Critical Consensus/Synopsis (as provided by Rotten Tomatoes)
Disturbing, controversial, but entirely engrossing, Hard Candy, is well written with strong lead performances, esp. that of newcomer Ellen Page. A movie that stays with the viewer long after leaving the theatre.

Hayley's a smart, charming teenage girl -- but even smart girls make mistakes.

She's hooking up in a coffee shop with Jeff, a guy she's met on the Internet. And even though he's a cute, smooth high-end fashion photographer in his early 30s, Hayley shouldn't be suggesting that the two of them go back to his house-alone.

When they get there, Hayley quickly finds some vodka and starts mixing screwdrivers. She even suggests a photo shoot and strips off some clothing. Everything is going well for Jeff... until his vision blurs and fades, and he passes out. It turns out Hayley has spiked Jeff's screwdriver, and when he revives, he's tied down with Hayley searching through his place. She doesn't think it'll take too long to get a confession that she's not the first teenage girl brought home and, more importantly, that her prisoner knows what happened to Donna Mauer, another girl who disappeared from Jeff's favorite coffee shop. And if he's unwilling to confess, well, she has another plan --

She uses an icepack as a homemade anesthetic...

She starts shaving an incision site...

She's learned a lot from the internet -- including this little surgical procedure she's dying to try...

Patrick Wilson and Ellen page star in HARD CANDY, a provocative psychological thriller directed by David Slade, written by Brian Nelson, produced by David Higgins, Richard Hutton and Michael Caldwell, and executive produced by Jody Patton and Rosanne Korenberg. It is the latest film produced by Vulcan Productions in association with Launchpad Productions.

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