Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Fun in the Sun (not for Kay tho!)

What an interesting day we had! Now, I had a very good day while Kay, not so much, nothing was going her way at all. In fact, I shouldn't be teasing her about it as it was a pretty horrible day for her and at one point, she snapped and started to cry! I, standing there in shock, at the event that made her cry (as it wasn't the biggest thing) but I guess when your hormones are ranging, every tiny thing is blown into huge proportions! My sweet little girl is turning into a raging hormonal teenager! Aaaah!!

In the afternoon, we headed over to Oakridge Centre to do a little bit of shopping. I needed to pick up a new laundry rack from Zellers because ours is breaking down and the one I want is currently on sale at Zellers. Not to my surprise, the laundry racks were sold out which meant I needed to get a raincheck and hopefully, it will be stocked with new shipment sometime this week - I really need a new one! Still in Zellers, we decided to look around for Kay's tights leggings, she has been trying to find a pair of black capri lace trimmed tights leggings for sometime. She has also been researching (online) for a new denim short skirt to wear with her future capri tights leggings. It seemed that Zellers or this one did not carry any and we decided to head over to The Bay because this week is the last week for the Bay Days Sale with discounts in all departments. I wanted to pick up a couple of luxurious Ralph Lauren towels because these are marked 50% off. I managed to buy two bath sheets (super soft and large!) in a pale pink and rose colour plus a matching hand towels, all for $67.00! In the hosiery department, we did not find Kay's tights leggings and she was clearly disappointed. After buying my towels, we decided to stick around and shop in the mall, first stop, Coach - just to look. I found a very cute Crusher Hat in the signature logo with a pink leather trim (the pink looks very similar to the pink coat I picked up from last month!) and I really wanted to buy it because it is the last one in the pink trim in Vancouver. After some thought, I decided against it because this one is too similar to my other Coach hat. As we continue our walk through the shopping centre, we stopped into Gap Kids to look for Kay's denim skirt but Gap did not carry the two skirts she was looking for (she did her research online). We continue to walk through the shopping centre to check other stores but she found nothing close to what she wanted. She was pretty upset (and I think her hormones are unbalanced) and she wanted to stop in Aritzia but she decided against it because she knew I would not purchase any item from this store as I find them way over priced. We did one last stop back into the Gap so she could try the skirts on (she didn't try them on the first time) but it seemed that she does not like or want to hear my opinion. As soon as she tried them on, I told her how cute they were and she gave me the look, shaking her head no and rolling her eyes with a "this is not exactly what I want". Of course if she was with her peers or friends and they told her it was cute, she would have def. bought it. But because I am her MOM, my opinion is no longer valid. I have decided I cannot go shopping with her anymore, it really stresses me out! This afternoon, she left the apartment in something she knows will bother me but she is her own person and she needs to make a statement (and also probably enjoyed the fact that it bothered me!). She wore skinny jeans with a jean jacket (different colour jean) with a jean purse!!! Ugh!! You cannot wear a jean jacket with jeans! It does not look right!!! *sigh* Oh well, what can I do? Nothing. Before heading home, she wanted to have a snack and of course she wanted poutine from New York Fries. It was too close to dinner time and we had plans to meet Shel for dinner so I suggested that she get herself a Yogen Fruz, a little bit lighter and healthier. I knew she was very disappointed in not finding any one of her items today so I figured she deserved a frozen yogurt. But to my surprise, she did not want to line up (there were only 5 people in line) and she wanted to go home. I told her it wasn't that long of a line up, in no time it would be her turn but she insisted she did not want to wait and she would have a snack when she got home. Gosh, she is going through some major changes and her hormones are all over the place. Even though she was hungry and it was my treat, she did not want it anymore. Hormones can totally screw up your emotions and your day!

Heading home, she had about 20 minutes to get a small snack before we headed over to the restaurant to meet Shel. He was going to be in our area and wanted to drop off his wedding invitation. Wow, I can't believe he is finally getting married, how exciting! His wedding date is set for July 7, 2007. That's coming up pretty quick :) While Kay was in the kitchen fixing her snack, I was getting myself ready for dinner when all of a sudden, I hear a bang and a cry in the kitchen! I went over to check on her and I found her bawling her eyes out! Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it, she dropped her noodles in the sink and I think that was it, she had enough of the day. I tried to calm her down and reassure her that we were having the same sort of noodles down the street. Our dinner plans were at the Vietnamese restaurant a couple of blocks away but she was just so upset in general that she didn't care. She stayed in her bedroom for a bit before she finally calmed down and was ready to go. Poor Kay, just not her day, she was having a really bad day! We had a quick bite and caught up with Shel before deciding to have a hot chocolate at Blenz. It seemed by the end of the evening, Kay was feeling a little better (chocolate always helps!) and really nothing else could go wrong. What a day!

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