Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mid Week Dinner with highschool friends

Tonight, Kay and I had dinner with Rhoda, Grace, and Travis at the Cactus Club in Coquitlam/Burnaby.

Kay and I drove over to Rhoda's place because we were planning to park our car at her house and she was going to drive the 3 of us to Cactus Club. She has moved into a new home and it is gorgeous! She shares a semi-detached duplex with her mom and sister, this place is so much bigger than her condo and I do not know how the 3 of them ever lived in such a small place! This new place is quite spacious yet it is filled with all of Rhoda's stuff! Literally... everywhere.... poor Jessica. This would drive me NUTS. I am so anal when it comes to clutter and Kay's room really bothers me even though I hardly ever go in there! After the quick tour and a warm hello to her mom, we headed off.

Travis and his wife, Lisa arrived first with their gorgeous little boy! He is such a cutie! I had forgotten how much work it took to care for a toddler. Grace arrived last and with her gorgeous new baby girl, only 8 weeks old. OMG, she is such a cutie! A couple more photos of Isabella.

After dinner, we headed back to Rhoda's place and Rhoda had a few more items for Kay! Gosh, Rhoda and Jessica always have an endless supply of clothing for her, it's like she's got her own very cool stylists! Jessica came back from her boyfriend's when we arrived so Kay and I stayed a little bit longer to chat with Jessica and Rhoda's mom. Rhoda showed me all her cool fashion pieces, she is developing her own line of clothing and jewellery. She is super talented and made some really cool and funky stuff. She even learned how to knit! Very cute knit skirt! I ended up picking up a really cute pair of earrings for a really great price - long time friend price ;)

It was a really great night and it was good to catch up with such a long time friend! We haven't seen each other in years before the last few months and can you believe she works 1 block from my office?!? Check out the really cute earrings I picked up!

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