Friday, April 20, 2007

RaeRae's B'day Celebration!


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Kar, Jen, Rae and I celebrated Rae's birthday tonight! Her real birthday isn't until Saturday, April 21 but we wanted our turn to celebrate this special day with her! Right after work, we headed over to the "new" Earls by the Paramount for drinks and appy's. It was such a great night! Great conversation, great friends, great food and yummy cupcakes for dessert! I think she had a great time and this evening is def. well deserved! These outings will be missed and we will def. have to do this more often since Jen will be leaving us soon! We are going to miss you Jennifer!!

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rae said...

Oh, I definitely had a GREAT time! Thanks again girls for the awesome night and thanks Trish for the yummy cupcakes! So sweet and thoughtful and a great surprise!