Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Day with Great Friends

I had such a nice shopping girl's day out! This afternoon, I met up with Jasmine and Marie at the Portobello West Fashion and Art Festival. Neither of them have been to this market and both wanted to check out the local fashion talents. I, of course, had a vision in my mind and I knew what I was going back for. This dress in the black, red and white print. I got it of course and I also found a cute little skirt for $40! What a steal :) My Portobello Shopping Buys

Jasmine and I arrived at the market earlier than Marie so we had done one round through the market before Marie arrived. When she did finally arrive, we decided to have a beef smokie for a snack before making our second round with her. I tend to run through the market a few times as I seemed to miss some items the first time around. I ended up picking up this cute little magnet from Nazreens Designs on my second run. After the market, Marie was planning on heading back to Burnaby to finish off her errands, she was also so kind to pick up my package for my sister. She works for a global courier company and has an awesome discount, 75% off discount. I checked to see how much it would cost to ship with Canada Post (cheapest way, 4-6 weeks delivery) and it is cheaper (with Marie's discount) to ship with her courier company than Canada Post. It was great seeing Marie, she is so much fun and has such a great aura about her! It was also nice to see Marie and Jasmine catch up, it's been months since they saw each other. Oh and she chopped off her hair! Almost 6 inches off! It looks great tho, she's so beautiful and her personality just lights up any room!

After we said our good byes, Jasmine and I decided to head over to Superstore because she needed a few items and I needed to pick up our weekly groceries. It was great going grocery shopping without my mom or Kay because we were in and out, with my shopping list in hand, came out with stuff on my list and not a thing more. Record time! As we headed home, we realized the hockey game was on tonight (CaNucks vs Ducks Game 3) and I decided that Jasmine should stay for the hockey game and dinner. Since we had not heard from Kay, we didn't plan on seeing her at dinner or the rest of the evening. Kay had plans with her friends for the day and we figured that she would probably show up right before bed time. Kay doesn't have a curfew as yet but she is usually home before the sunsets. Maybe I should think about setting a curfew now that she has her own life. Hmmm... After dinner and the game (we lost, no surprise), I drove Jasmine home and now I am waiting for Kay to come home ... if she ever does....

*Update 10.15pm - Kay finally came home! After calling me to say she would be home at 9.00 - late dinner and then calling me at 9.15 to tell me she will be home at 10.00 - delivery arrived late! I told her she better walk through the door at 10.00pm or she is GROUNDED! Must set curfew now!

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