Sunday, April 15, 2007

Family Weekend

A weekend with the parents, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, not one day off to myself maybe I'll get lucky next weekend....

Saturday, we spent the later part of the day with my mom. We did our usual errands and shopping. Not much but catch up on each other's week and pick up groceries in Chinatown. My mom is finally starting her diet and she needed to pick up chicken breast but she had forgotten she could have gone to Victoria street (in Vancouver) to pick up free range chicken which costs about the same as the non-free range chicken in Chinatown. Leaving Chinatown, we headed back over to my apartment for delivery. She really wanted to try the BDC (Bacon Double Cheeseburger) pizza because her co-workers were raving about how great it is. I ordered the pizza from Panago because it is less greasy of all the take out/delivery places and usually I make my own pizza which means I can't stand take out pizza. Yes, she has started her diet but she leaves one night of the week to enjoy non healthy meal :) Mom usually doesn't come by my place for dinner or to visit for that fact but she hasn't seen my new TV and also the new layout in my living room. I made her a salad which consisted of chopped sweet peppers, onions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cow milk goat cheese in a spring salad mix spritzed with a red vinaigrette and can you believe she actually enjoyed the salad? In her mind, she always thought that a salad is a side dish and non tasty. She didn't know how I could eat salad every day! I think I have changed her over :) Once the pizza arrived, we sat down in front on my new TV and enjoyed a bit of a movie before she called it a night. This afternoon, it was gorgeous with the warm sun but when she left, it was pretty chilly! We walked her to the car because the neighborhood is too quiet and then Kay and I headed off to bed.

Sunday, we spent the later part of the afternoon and early dinner with my dad. My father has lost his license because he was in Hong Kong (for six months) and did not answer ICBC's letter for a doctor's letter and check up. I drove over to Richmond to pick him up so he could visit with his friend, Paul in Burnaby. While he was visiting with his friend, Kay and I headed over to Metrotown to do a little shopping. We were in and out of the mall pretty quick, within 2 hours because I hate shopping at Metrotown esp. on a weekend! After our mini shopping trip, we headed over to HonHon's condo to check his mail (and water damage in his condo) and then back to my dad's friend's place. We visited with Paul and his daughter, Akiko, for a little bit before heading back to Richmond to have dinner. After dinner, we headed back to my dad's place and I picked through his dvds (found 3 that I liked) and daddy ended up giving Kay the Wii. OMG! I cannot believe he is giving it to her! She is ecstatic! Then it was time to head home before the sunset as tomorrow, Kay and I had to get up early.


psychorich said...

Beware! I heard a lot of people smashed their TV with Wii's controllers.

psychorich said...

BTW, I am not buying you a new TV if Kay breaks it!