Monday, April 09, 2007

Daddy is Back!

My dad is back from Hong Kong!! Wow, it's been six long months since we last saw him last and boy does he look refreshed :) Daddy is retired and he travels back and forth from Vancouver to HK to China and back. We have family in HK and China so every year he spends half his time with his family and friends. While he is there, we usually don't hear from or talk to him (due to the time difference and busy schedules) but once he is back in town, he calls my brother and I on the day he arrives. It was quite a treat to see my dad and he looks healthy and great. Of course, without disappointment, he brought back some really wonderful gifts for us.

My auntie (daddy's little sister) gave my brother a golf driver (well, not exactly the driver but the cash for it), I was given a beautiful pink cashmere Burberry scraf (which is really nice because I was looking into buying one last Christmas!) and Kay received a really nice black down jacket from Japan (a close resemblance to my Bedo jacket). She also bought the Nintendo Wii game system for all of us but daddy's rule is, it stays at his place and if my brother and Kay wants to play it, they HAVE to go over there. Hehehe, now that is how to keep the siblings to visit!
We had dinner plans with daddy so after testing out the new game system (which btw, is totally fun and I didn't think I would enjoy it as I'm not into video games) and checking out all his new dvds, we headed off into central Richmond to have dinner. We were deciding as we were driving what and where to eat in Richmond when we came upon a restaurant advertising King Crab at $8 and something a pound. Apparently that is a really good deal (I have no clue as I usually do not eat King Crab with friends) and daddy insisted that we eat there. Now, for 2 adults and a child, that is way too much crab for us because a King Crab at it's smallest is like 10 pounds!! My dad called his friend, Thomas (who I do not like) but he already had dinner and couldn't make it out. I decided to call my brother and see if he had already eaten and if not, maybe he would like to join us. I know my brother, he would never turn down King Crab. Hahaha, boy was I right, he drove back into Richmond (he lives in Richmond but at the time, visiting his on and off again girlfriend in Vancouver) to have dinner with us.

Believe it or not, there was only a little bit left over from our dinner. I have to say though, that the restaurant service is not the greatest and our King Crab fried rice was brought to us at the end of our meal. It should have been served at the same time or a little after our steamed King Crab dish. IMO, it seemed that they had actually forgotten to give us our rice and that is why it was served to us as we were paying for our bill! After paying our bill, I asked about our leftovers and the manager had actually left our take away on another table! Well, you really can't expect THAT much from a fancy "Seafood Chinese Restaurant" in Richmond or in Vancouver!

Overall, it was a great night with some really delicious King Crab!

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