Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Fun

Second weekend without any nicotine and I almost shot Kay......

But before I begin.... let's start with Saturday. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and early evening with my mom and my brother. Because I quit smoking and my brother and R are my "comfy smoking buddies", I called to see if my brother had in fact quit smoking. He had not but told me he did not carry any cigarettes and was only smoking them when others had them. It is going to be harder for him to quit than myself because most of his friends smoke and I am the only smoker in my group of friends. Confirming that he did not have any cigarettes on him, I left the apartment without Kay (she is looking for a raise but she had a whole stack of chores to be done before giving her one!) around 12.00pm because I needed to go to Vancity to make a payment on my visa before heading over to Big O Tires to meet up with my mom and brother. Today, my brother was getting a new set of tires from Big O Tires courtesy of mom, grandma and I as an early birthday gift. Big O Tires are great! Reasonable Prices, Great Customer Service and Quick Service! The set of tires including installation and tire disposal fees came up to a little over $600.00. Gosh, that is still quite expensive but my brother's car needed performance tires not the regular ones. It was going to be about 30 minutes before we could get the car back so we decided to have dim sum across the street. Now I'm pretty picky about dim sum but my mom is not. I really didn't have a choice because there really isn't anything around there to eat besides some greasy chinese restaurants. Dim sum was cheap and it wasn't very good at all. But after a quick bite, we were ready to get back to the car so we could head back to my mom's. Going back to mom's to drop off our cars (to use grandma's car) we decided (well, my brother and I) decided it was time for a coffee. We stopped by Starbucks before heading over to Superstore to pick up some items and food. After wandering the store for a bit and picking up more than a few items, we headed back to mom's to put our items in our cars and to help mom put away her stuff. Because my brother had a hockey game, we decided to catch an early dinner on Commercial Drive (mom is only about 5 minutes from there). My brother was craving pasta so we went over to Marcello's for yummy pasta. They are moderately priced, serving a small selection of pasta and really great pizza! They are known for their brick oven pizzas but I, myself, can make fresh pizza at home (yes including the dough - which IMO is the best kind of pizza!) but they do make REALLY GREAT PIZZA next to my own. Mmmmmm.... yummy! Mom was not too impressed with the food and drenched her pasta with salt. My mom is very asian and she prefers asian fusion western dishes! After eating all that pasta (my mom and I shared a plate), I was feeling very very full as I had not had a full meal of carbs like that in 7 days! Gosh, I was really dying for a smoke!!! It was pouring rain as we headed home and after stopping in to say good bye to my grandma, I was off. I had picked up some McDonald's for Kay as a treat because she was stuck doing chores at home all day.

Today, for the whole day, Kay and I spent it together. We really didn't do much but get into each other's face all day. In the afternoon, we were at home doing housework, updating photos and other fun things but a little after lunch, we decided we needed to get some air so we decided to go over to City Square Centre Safeway to pick up some fruits/veggies and meats for the week. Since it was a nice day (the sun was out but the air was crispy cold) we walked to CSC and it was a scenic walk if you can call the cambie construction scenic. At least we were able to see how far along the construction is going for the Canada Line but I imagine the future traffic getting worse and worse as each week of construction continues. When we reached CSC, we made our first stop to Kin's Market (a local fruit/veggie market) but the line ups were crazy and we were only going to pick up a few items. So we decided to pick up all our fruits/veggies at Safeway instead. Before Safeway, we headed into the Cook Shop because we must always stop by this store when were are in CSC. I love this store, they carry everything you need in a kitchen or to help with your culinary creations! They even carry egg rings! Yes, EGG RINGS. I have been looking for one of these for so long and forgot that the Cook Shop would probably stock these. A little expensive (priced at $7.99 for one!) but mom thought it was worth it. In case you are wondering why mom needed an egg ring so she can make nice round eggs for her english muffin breakfasts! We did find something that we thought would come in handy, a cheese slicer, and it was a very well made sturdy slicer but it was more than what I wanted to pay for a cheese slicer (priced at $19.95). The only reason why we considered buying one for ourselves is because the last few days, we have been eating grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, it would be much easier to have a cheese slicer to slice the cheese evenly instead of having uneven cheese distribution on our sandwiches, yes we are really that anal. After walking around the Cook Shop, we went over to Safeway to pick up our items. In the middle of shopping, Kay was really starting to annoy me. She just would not be quiet for ONE MINUTE. She kept talking and asking questions and going on and on until I finally said Can you be quiet for 5 minutes?!? And she looked at me like I was asking for the impossible and answered, why do I have to be quiet? but I want to know! I realized then that we needed a minute away from each other so I sent her to the fruits to pick out her own fruits for the week and I went over to the dairy to pick up the mike that was needed. Sheesh. What a nice quiet minute for myself. After a few minutes, we met up again and I was a little more calmed and relaxed. All I really needed was a minute to myself. I probably should have gone to the store without her but I thought it would be a good idea for her to get some fresh air. Oh yes before I forget to mention, Kay and I found an inexpensive cheese slicer at Safeway ($4.99) and I bet that works just as good as the $19.95 slicer. Although this one was not as nice as the other one, I figure it doesn't have to look pretty, it just needs to slice the cheese! After Safeway, we headed home as it was starting to get dark and cold out. I wanted to make a stop at Capers but Kay wanted to go straight home and go over to Capers after dinner. I decided it would be a good idea to take a break. Lucky for us (and Kay's decision to stop home) we made home before it started to rain! We didn't have our umbrellas with us because when we left the house, it was sunny. Got home to separated the meat to freeze, prep'd our weekly lunches, made dinner, watched some TV, ate some dessert (me-sweetened tofu with canned fruit, Kay-ice cream cake) and decided to finish our last chore of the weekend, Capers to pick up some feta cheese (for my salad lunches this week) and some yogurt. It has def. been a long day and now we are ready for bed!


Joss said...

Good for you for sticking to your no-smoking resolution. You can do it! :)

psychorich said...

Did you or your mom get the egg ring? I want round eggs, too.