Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Big O Tires

Today, my very kind brother drove my car to Big O Tires to rotate the tires and check out the front driver's side tire. On Saturday, the tire guy checked my tires to see what the percentage of my tires were at and the front two were at 30% but the back two were still pretty good. He suggested that we bring the car back the following week and he'll rotate them for me for free which means it will last another year. That saves me some $$ and I can start saving up the $$ to pick up the tires for the following year. I reminded my brother earlier in the afternoon to make sure the tire guy checks the front tire because I figure there must be a nail that is causing leak in the tire. Might as well get the tire looked at and fixed since we were bringing the car in. At least if there is a problem with the tire, it can be fixed! Yep there was a small screw in the tire and Big O patched it up for $17.00. Now I don't have to worry about my tires slowly losing air and checking the tires every couple of weeks!

After the tire shop, they decided to head over to Metrotown to do some shopping. Apparently, they both wanted to "kill some time" and do a bit of shopping. Well, they didn't buy anything but both did have some fun. Her uncle was teasing her all night and she can get pretty pissed off when you tease her, she took it quite lightly from my brother though. After a couple hours, they were finally getting hungry and started to head back to my place. Since I am on that salad chicken dinner diet, I decided to order my brother and Kay some take out from Hugo Restaurant (down the street). Pretty decent food at pretty decent prices. After dinner, those two played video games (Mario Party 7) until 9.15pm. My brother decided to call it a night - thank goodness! - it was getting late for Kay and I. But guess what? Kay did not start her homework nor did she finish her chores before leaving for the tire shop with her uncle. She was up later than usual to finish her math. Gosh I was not pleased. I have to wake up tomorrow at 6.00am! Oh well.... going to bed after 10.00 is not ideal but I was making a turkey stock on the stove top so I couldn't have gone to bed until 10.45pm anyways! It was still simmering!

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