Friday, January 19, 2007

Dine Out Vancouver

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Tonight, Val and I went for dinner right after work, we headed over to Tropika for Dine Out Vancouver 2007. There goes my "Dine Out One Night" of the week. Actually, I had lunch with the girls on Wednesday so my DOON has already been used and tomorrow I have another dinner out for Jasmine's 31st birthday! This week, my eating schedule is really screwed but I guess what I can do is not eat out for the next 2 - 3 weeks. I can TRY to avoid eating out which means in my mind (the guilt) I could make up for this week! Does that make any sense?? :)

There was a lot of food served for Dine Out Van at Tropika, I couldn't believe all the dishes we had. Click the menu to enlarge onto another window. Everything was so delicious and the Coconut Seafood Fried Rice was a full order which surprised me! The soup was amazing, I have never had soup at Tropika before and I think I will def. have to order this one the next time. For $25 to sample their menu, it was a really good price and one of the better menus on the Dine Out Vancouver site. The Coconut Seafood Fried Rice on the menu is approx. $11.00 or so.

Dine Out Vancouver is one of my fave. events of the year, usually it showcases a lot of great restaurants in Vancouver. I checked out the website and was hoping that Gotham would be participating again this year but they did not. Very disappointed. Lumiere was also not included in the list either. One of these days, I will have to try both of these restaurants. Only for a special occasion of course!

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