Sunday, January 21, 2007

Facials and Jewellery

Today, mom and I had appointments to get at home facials with a couple of representatives from Sunrider. At first, I was a little bit skeptical about this because it sounded like a pyramid scheme but after some researching, I found that this wasn't as what it seemed. It is a direct sales company and they carry a lot of herbal products developed and researched in USA, Taiwan, China and all around the world!

Eva, mom's friend, came over to talk about the products and what a difference it can make to your personal well being. As I had already done some of my own research, I didn't really focus in on everything she was telling us. Another reason because she was speaking in Cantonese and I could not understand a word she was saying. But I already knew the product lines were hugely successful and many people who used it, seemed to be better from using the products. I signed on as a member because I was interested in the facial products and also the herbal tea bags in which help cleansed you internally. The membership fee is a little high but it's a one time fee and a lifetime membership. I am willing to pay the price if it will improve my skin as I have been having problems finding creams/cleansers for my face. Besides, calculating the cost of some of the products I have spent over the years is by far lower than what I paid into the membership.

After our facials, we headed over to Creo Bellus to meet my brother and pick up my mom's jewellery. The last time we were there, the backroom was not completely finished and still in the process of being set up with the working stations. Wow, it looks so professional now and they even have their own little "barista" in the hallway. Josh still works at Starbucks once or twice a month because of the awesome benefits he gets for being employed with Starbucks. I asked him if he could pick up the cute pink heart mug for me the next time he was in the shop as I have been eyeing this one since it came out but I don't want to pay the retail price for the mug. I think he gets 30 or 40% off the retail. They did an amazing job at cleaning and restoring my mom's jewellery! I was so impressed that I asked Tai if he could clean my rings. He did an amazing job, both of my rings look brand new! As if I just purchased them today! I wish I had a photo of the before and after but I don't. My mom gave my brother a really nice diamond men's ring but it was set in yellow gold. At first when my mother gave him the ring (last week), he didn't seem to be all that fond with it but after Tai cleaned up the ring, the difference is incredible! You cannot tell it's the same ring! After Tai cleaned off my beautiful white gold rings, we were able to convince my brother to re-polish the yellow gold ring and make it into a white gold ring which will make the diamonds POP! It was really cool to watch my brother's ring turn from yellow to white, I wish I had my camera so I could record it and post it. Of course, the white gold will not last forever and eventually after wearing it, it will eventually return to its original colour (yellow) but all he has to do is bring it back to Creo Bellus for a replating. I also discussed my earrings with Tai and changed the design on my earrings again! But he was super nice about it and wanted me to be completely happy with the final design. No pressure and genuinely cared about all the details of my earrings.

We finished up so the boys could get back to work, we wanted to take them out for dinner but they decided to take a raincheck because they still had a lot of work ahead of them. We headed over to a not so great but cheap chinese restaurant on Victoria. After dinner, we headed back to my mom's and my brother stayed to trim my mom's hair while I decided to head home. I am almost ready to go to bed!

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