Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Errands

Today, we did our usual Sunday errands. Picking up our weekly groceries! Gosh, how exciting! Really! Yes, can you read the excitment in my words?

Nothing too interesting happened today. Kay and I headed over to mom's to drop off some items for her. After chatting with my mom for a bit, we headed over to Superstore to pick up our weekly groceries. It was super cold today esp. when the sun went down. After Superstore, we needed to go to Capers to pick up some items that I could not find at Superstore. Picked up our stuff at Capers (I can't believe I spent $31.00 on 5 items!) and headed towards home. As we passed Blenz, Kay was asking me if I wanted to pick up a mocha. I have not had a mocha since last year because of my minimal sugar intake. I told her NO, I can't. She couldn't believe how strict I was being on this diet. But I am determined to lose some weight and not gain the weight from quitting smoking! Besides I'm not cutting everything out, just eating 900 calories a day or less. I am doing pretty good and my body is starting to get used to the amount of food I intake except on those days I call "Dine Out One Night". Which means that for one night (or lunch) of the week, I do not count the calories and eat whatever I want to eat. But I usually save these days for the weekend because my mom usually likes to dine out. On those days, I am full very quickly and can't even finish the meal! But I have to say, it has been quite hard not having my milk chocolate mocha on the weekends but I'm doing really good. While on this new diet, I should probably start doing some cardio or join a gym. I am procastinating on joining the gym, one of the reasons being, I do not like working out in the gym, I would rather be outside! I guess once the weather warms up, I'll be sure to get my butt out there to do some running, hiking, and biking. For now, I'll get my daily exercise from our walks and cleaning the apartment.

That was pretty much our day.....

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psychorich said...

Be careful. 900 calories is very very low, especially during winter time.

Have you tried a "calorie calculator" to see how many calories a person needs a day? For example: