Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ken's Good Bye Lunch / Katie's Visit

This afternoon, we headed over to Savory Coast (yes, again!) for lunch to say good bye and to wish Ken T Great Happiness and Luck in Japan. He has been with the company for quite a number of years and even though he did not want to make a big deal about his parting, we could not let him go without a lunch! Just a small group of people whom he has worked with over the years were there to wish him all the best. I managed to snap a few photos of this lunch and with some people in the office so we do not forget Ken! Although, I am sure none of us will, he is a really nice guy and a great person to work with, we will miss him lots and it won't be the same without him.

Why to Japan, you ask? He is leaving us because his wife took on a really great job in Japan (originally where she is from) and they decided it is her time to be where she wants to be as she has been in Vancouver for many years. We wish him all the very best. Good for them and Good Luck Ken! (Photos from Lunch, Click Here)

Erin and Katie also came out for lunch and I got some pretty great shots of her too! (Photos from the Office, Click Here) Click onto the photo to enlarge:

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