Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks

WIN 3 - 1

Wow! What a game! Roberto Luongo (Canucks Goalie) made an amazing save during the 2nd period! He received a standing ovation from the fans and def. is the best goal tender in the league! Check out this write up about this game on the Canucks website.

"His best save of the night – and maybe even the season – came when Marcel Goc picked up a rebound, circled around the net and tried to exploit a floundering Luongo. But even with an empty net, Goc couldn’t foil the goalie. When Luongo reached across the net and caught the puck while he was on his belly, Goc looked absolutely dumbfounded." - Kyle Hardland

What an amazing game! I've been really lucky to have attended two really great games!! Let's hope the next game I go to is as exciting as these two! I will def. have to add my name to the draw for Hockey Tickets more often.

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