Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy 31st Birthday!

Tonight we celebrated her 31st birthday! We had dinner reservations at Savory Coast on Robson (Dine Out Vancouver) and it was splendidly delicious! Although, IMO, it seemed that the restaurant overbooked themselves because our reservations were at 8.00pm but we did not get seated until 8.20pm but Dee (owner/manager) comp our drinks at the bar. It was pretty apparent that the restaurant also crammed in as many tables as they could possibly fit in their dining area. Although, I was not too impressed with our server, the food was delicious! I love the fact that we could choose three items from their regular menu. Many restaurants participating in Dine Out Vancouver set their own special Dine Out Vancouver menus and SC is one of the few places offering meals from their regular menu. I think I will def. consider holding my wedding reception at Savory Coast (whenever we get official....). When we finally had the chance to order (super busy!), I did not see the "dessert" on the menu and asked our server if the third item was dessert or was it another appetizer from the menu. She jumped right out to tell us that we didn't have to order the third item! WHAT? Why the heck would I not order the third item??!!?? I am paying $35.00 for a three course meal, ah yeah, I will order the third item even if I am feeling really full because I will def. make sure I have it all!! Our server was not very attentive to our table and I am sure she had a long busy night but if she can't handle this business, she should not be a server at a nice restaurant. She did not ask us how our meals were, she did not make sure our order was correct, and when we were ready to order dessert, she did not ask if we wanted any tea or coffee with it! Overall, the food was really good and I have the photos to prove it! You should def. head over to the Savory Coast on Robson, you will not be disappointed!

After dinner, we decided on having a couple of drinks and since we were downtown already, we decided to check out Zin Restaurant and Lounge as it was close by and we haven't been there in quite some time (well I haven't been since my birthday dinner was held there in 2001 or 2?). The lounge has been renovated since that time we were there. Not as trendy as it was once was and the decor has been renovated to feel and look more casual. Now it seems there are two areas: a restaurant and lounge area. Drinks were ok, not great but it was a nice place to talk and wind down. I had wanted to go to Jupiters but it's not a quiet place and it would have been really hard to talk and relax. Originally, we were thinking about heading to a jazz lounge but it was a little bit further out and V didn't drive M's car. After drinks, it was time to head home since Jas and I took the transit down, we did not realize V drove his Porsche tonight instead of M's Honda. This meant we all had to cram into his car like a can of sardines! Overall, it was a wonderful night with wonderful friends!

For more Birthday Photos! V has some good ones on his camera.... if I EVER get them, he still owes me photos from New Years!

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