Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Errands

2 day weekends are NEVER enough..... what do you really need to do or what do you really want to spend your time doing..... to clean or not to clean is the question???

On this day, I ended up at my mom's house to help put together her IKEA cabinets which came in a million freaking pieces!! My brother showed up after 1pm to help out and he continued on while I was at my facial. I had booked a facial for 4pm at A Touch Above because originally my mom planned for us to be there on Sunday instead. She changed her mind at the last possible moment..... Thursday night, of course. I don't even want to blog about the stress I had trying to put that stupid cabinet together. More on the destressing! The facial was amazing and def. well worth the $50 + tip. She was really really good, gave me a really great back, arm and face massage. She used only the best products from France (Decleor) and my face was really glowing after I left the salon. Of course I was feeling so relaxed and not ready to go back to stressing out about the IKEA cabinets but I knew I had to head back. So after I was done at the salon, I headed back to my mom's. Because mom invited us all for dinner that meant even Kay had to go. She stayed home earlier in the afternoon while I was over at my mom's but after my facial, I picked her skinny bum up and we headed back. The rest of the night was pretty much putting together the cabinets, eating dinner and helping my mom organize her kitchen with the new cabinets. It was a pretty long and tiring night.

Kay and I ran errands on this day. We headed out a little late in the afternoon because we were kinda chilling at home. The one hour change really screwed up my sleeping schedule. Our day consisted of driving over to Richmond and East Vancouver to hit a few different Value Villages to look for Halloween costumes. We also went over to IKEA to return an item I bought last weekend with mom and we also headed over to Rona's to pick up some mini wheels for a project I'm working on. At the third Value Village, I finally found a prom dress within my price budget to spend on a costume. I almost gave up because I could not find anything within my price range nor my size. We also found Kay a black dress for her witch costume (she's recycling my Halloween props froom last year). After that we decided to head home for dinner and call it a night. Really didn't get all we could have gotten done over this weekend but it's never long enough.

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