Sunday, October 08, 2006

More Shopping

Today, we headed downtown for some shopping. First stop, The Bay for a pair of Stuart Weitzman's little red pumps because R wanted to make up for not being here and missing my b'day. A new pair of shoes is a way to a girl's heart, well my heart anyways! (plus Louis Vuitton goods or diamonds.... ) Last week while shoe shopping with Jas, I saw these pumps at the Bay. These are exactly the same shoes I bought a few weeks ago (from Holt Renfrew) but instead of being soft napa black leather, these ones are shiny patent red leather, super sexy and very hot! I love wearing red esp. pumps or little boots! I didn't get a chance to try them on even though I wanted to but I figured if I put them on, I wouldn't be able to take them off. Besides, I already owned a pair of the black ones. Now since R wanted to buy me a pair of shoes, this is the exception, we decided to head over to The Bay so I could try them on to see how pretty they looked on my feet. But when we got there, Browns were sold out. :( Wow, those little red shoes didn't last long on the shelf! I bought my black pair only a few weeks ago and the red ones were not available at all, then I see the red ones last week which means they were probably only on display for two or three weeks before selling them out! Anyways, the sales associate looked up the shoes on the computer and found 3 pairs in my size at the Holt Renfrew in Ontario. We had to prepay the shoes so she could transfer them to Vancouver. The girl put them on an express shipment and hopefully, I should see them by Friday. So excited!!

After the strolling around the Bay, we decided to head over to Louis Vuitton because my SA had given me a call this afternoon to let me know that she was back from Japan (she went on a three week holiday) and she had put aside a Louis Vuitton catalogue for me. A catalogue? Yip, a new catalogue. When we arrived, the store was super crazy busy! We looked around the store while waiting patiently for my SA to see me. R picked up a beautiful messenger bag from the men's line. All leather in a dark grey colour, reasonably priced at $1420.00. The details include:

  • Brass hardware with brushed palladium finish
  • Sari canvas lining
  • Front flap with double push-lock closures
  • Two pouch pockets directly underneath front flap
  • Adjustable canvas shoulder strap
  • Exterior back flat pocket
  • Interior zipped pocket and a large gusseted pocket

  • Is this not a lovely messenger bag and this piece is very classy, sophisticated and very beautiful. I think R should buy this one because he has been looking for a soft briefcase for quite some time and never been able to find one he liked. I am encouraging him to buy this one while he is in Europe next month because it will be approx. $400 difference in price! But we'll see, it takes a little bit of effort to convince him, he is not like me at all. If I see something at Louis Vuitton and I am in love with it, I will not leave the store without it :)

    And of course, I ended up buying a little something for myself. I can never go into the LV boutique without buying something. I know I have a problem. This lovely pochette wallet is what I have been eyeing for a little while. I couldn't decide on whether to buy it in the monogram, damier or the epi leather. But made my final decision based on where the product was made in. This one is made in France and I think the LV Monogram is a little more classy than the Damier print, the epi leather is nice but I found it a little too hard so really my decision was somewhat already made. Such a beautiful piece :) While I was strolling around the store one last time, I noticed a LV customer was eyeing my Speedy bag, I was thinking there must have been something stuck to it. She came up to me to ask me about my Pastilles Multicolore Chains Keyring which is attached to my Speedy handles. She told me she noticed the one in the display case but wasn't sure what it was used for. She asked me about the price and I told her if she really liked it, she shouldn't ask about the price, I told her it was quite a bit of money but I felt worth every penny. I told her I used it as a charm for my bag to personalize my Speedy and yes it could be worn as a bracelet. I told her if she really liked the one in the display case then she should pick it up because this item is a special order item and I told her how they had mistakenly ordered another one because my SA forgot to cross my name off the list. Originally I had to ask my SA to order this one because this LV boutique does not carry this item. If she bought it, we are probably the very few to own this item in Vancouver. She did not hesitate, she bought it right away along with a few other purchases. I like this chica, my kinda girl ;) After shopping, we decided to call it a day and headed home to make dinner. Overall, it was a really great day! Besides spending it with my hon, R, I ended up with a new pair of shoes (on order) and a new LV wallet.

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