Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kay's Sick Day

Poor Kay, she had a really terrible day today. It all started early last night, she felt a little bit of a back neck pain and it wasn't so bad that she couldn't lie down or sit up. But just a light throbbing pain in the muscle.

This morning, I get a really worried phone call from the nurse at her school, stating she is very upset, crying and in a lot of pain at the back of her neck. I needed to go right away to pick her up and take her to emergency. I was like "WHAT?!?!?" What could have caused this? She was fine last night and she obviously slept through the night without any pain. I thought she might have had a bad accident at school and broke something. I arrived 45 minutes later (doing some crazy construction on my street) and picked her up. She did not look so terrible, she had visitors (her friends from class) visiting her in the nurse room. Apparently, the nurse suggested that I take her to BC Children's Hospital just in case it was something really bad like a pinch nerve or menagitis. I was like "HUH?!?" She looked like she was in quite a bit of pain but nothing to be freaking out about. I decided to play it safe and drive her to the Children's hospital. Gosh, there is major construction work going on everywhere!! It took me forever to find parking which I didn't. I ended up parking in the temporary parking meters by emergency. We waited around for almost an hour and when we finally saw the doctor, she told me what I had already knew. A tight muscle. Last night, she was chatting on the phone and playing on the computer at the same time for about 4 hours. I warned her not to be in that position for so long because she was going to get a very sore neck/back pain if she continued to do so. There is also a general rule in the house where if you are on the phone, you are not allowed on the computer and vice versa. Well I think she has learned her lesson. The doctor gave her a couple of children's advil and she was starting to feel better. We headed over to Safeway after the visit because she was quite upset that she was missing out on hot dog day. We purchased some hot dogs/buns, potato chips and juice for our own little hot dog day. It was sort of nice to have the day off to spend with her even though we spent most of our afternoon running around to the hospital/Safeway and right after lunch, we need to head over to R's place to check his mail.

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Joss said...

Aww, poor Kay. Hope she's feeling much better by now :)

Trish, I sent you an e-mail about my blog. I hope you got it!