Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sadness x 2

Today, R left Vancouver to head back to Taiwan and his next trip to Vancouver is in 4 months. He'll be back for Valentine's Day which is nice because I haven't celebrated a Valentine's Day with him in a long time. But it's sad to see him go even though it was becoming a little bit crowded in our apartment and he was really screwing up our routine. (Love You Hon!) Another loss was an ebay auction that I was bidding on. I really thought I had it and I could not believe the jerks that bidded up to the very last minute!! Sh*t, I knew I should have bidded up to $470.00USD instead of $400.00USD. This purse was exactly the colour and style I was looking for. What a find! Louis Vuitton has discontinued this little cute purse and I am really pissed off that I lost this auction. Currently I am looking for a red purse to go with my brand new shiny red pumps! There are a couple of other auctions that I am currently watching but sadly not exactly what I am looking for. If I was to purchase a red purse, I would want it to be a unique piece as I would not be using it as an every day purse. *sigh* Maybe I'll buy a Reade PM, there are two red ones left at Louis Vuitton (Hotel Vancouver), I am watching one online but it is a little high for a second hand LV. For only $250.00 more, I can purchase a brand new one...... what to do.....See below for outbidding details (I'm psycho_pat2000) and cute little red Spring Street purse by LV.

What a sad sad day it is today. This weather really does set the mood of our day, pouring non stop rain.

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