Wednesday, October 18, 2006

RIP Sony Ericsson P900

Well, I think my phone is officially dead. Yesterday after work, I headed over to the Fido store on Georgia street to purchase a new charger, I figured it might be the charger that was not working. But when I got home and plugged the new charger into the stand, it still would not charge my phone. Today, at lunch, I headed over to the Fido stand in the Royal Centre Mall to ask them about my phone. After explaining my situation to them, they guessed that my cellphone's battery life is at its end therefore it is no longer charging. They did not have a P900 battery in stock and will probably not stock any accessories for this phone because it is 3 years old which means it's obsolete! I asked these guys if I could upgrade my phone (price reduction on a cellphone) because I am an existing customer and they told me currently they cannot but in November of 2006 they will be able to do so. The guy told me to call Fido's customer service and inquire about this because they should be able to upgrade me over the phone. But on Monday, I had already called Fido's customer service asking about this and the customer service rep told me Fido no longer offered this service to their customers. I was like "WTF?". Oh well, I guess I will ask the Fido store on Georgia street since I will be heading down there tomorrow to return the charger.....

*Update October 19/06 - the problem was my battery, I exchanged the charger for a new battery but had to pay an extra $16.00! I wish my battery died earlier in the week as my father lef for HK on Sunday and it would have been way cheaper to bring back a battery! Anyways, my phone is now up and running. Yeah!! Apparently, the battery life for this phone is only a year but my battery lasted about 3 years!! Wow! Made In Japan. Yep, the best electronic products are Made in Japan. The sales girl had a battery available because she had just ordered the same battery for another customer so she figured she should order a couple extra to stock. Lucky me! Gosh, it feels good to have my cellphone back!*

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