Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday!

Happy Halloween!!
The admin girls in our office dressed up as "Prom Queens" for fun. There were a few people in each division that decided to participate. We had some really cool costumes in each division! Very creative :) Kay headed out early (around 5.30ish) to hand out candy at her friend's house and afterwards, they decided to trick-o-treat! Gosh, she brought back a whole lot of candy!! It was freezing outside, gosh, really really cold. Firecrackers / fireworks were going off all over the place. I was suppose to head over to MB's place to drop off a package that she was going to courier for me but I did not want to head out as it was cold and Halloween is a pretty freaky night to be out driving around. I hate fireworks. Totally freaks me out!!!

on another note....

Happy Birthday R!
Aaaah, you are now 1 year older! But hey, just think.... you are always 1 year younger than me! :) Happy Birthday honhon!! Much love to you xoxoxo

Early Xmas Shopping
After work, I headed over to The Bay to pick up a Estee Lauder cream / serum for myself and to do a little bit of early Xmas shopping for my mom. She loves EL lotions/moisturizers and right now EL is currently selling gift boxes for Xmas. I decided to pick up a gift box for my mom. One down, a few more to go (who am I kidding? plenty $more$ to go...) As I was paying for my purchases, the EL sales lady noticed my SW's black pumps and we started talking about shoes (one of my fave. subjects besides LV!). It's so cool when people notice your shoes esp. those hot little black pumps I own! I for one, also check out other women's shoes, maybe I have a shoe fetish?? ~_^ Anyways, we got on talking about B2 plus my shoes and I told her I also have the red ones. She thought that was really deserving and she, herself was thinking about buying the black ones but she didn't think they would be comfortable because of the height of the heel. I told her these shoes are super comfy and I love them. I feel so sexy in them! She agreed. They are HOT!

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Joss said...

LOL That is a GREAT prom queen photo! You gals look really good.

And yes, Halloween was so cold wasn't it?

And the pumps are definitely hot :)