Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner

Tonight, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom and grandma's house. Our family doesn't normally celebrate Thanksgiving and if we do (once every few years), we usually end up going out for dinner but this year, R is in town and he wanted to eat turkey. He loves to eat turkey (because he is a big turkey! hahaha kidding!!) and since we only get the chance to eat turkey a couple times a year (which is more than enough for me!), mom offered to cook us all a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys are usually larger than 10 pounds but since we have a small immediate family, mom, grandma, r, kay, me, auntie i, and my brother, I ordered a speciality turkey from Choices. It's not an organic or free range turkey but they do not use any hormones or chemicals in the meat or feed. Since my mom agreed to cook us dinner, she invited the usual group of people: my brother, auntie i, mom, grandma, and of course myself, Kay and R. I should have probably gone over to my mom's earlier than 4.30pm but it was really hard for me to get up early and get ready. I still had to go out to buy the red wine and an apple pie from Choices (which is delicious! It's made with 50% whole wheat and real fruit, I am not a "pie person" but this is one pie I will not hesitate to finish off!). My brother actually ended up at my mom's earlier than I! What a shock! When we arrived, my brother was just finishing off with my mom's trim (my brother is a part time hairdresser) and up next was Kay. She is LONG OVERDUE for a cut! I wanted her to get a cute little bob cut but she did not agree. He trimmed about 2 inches off and kept her layers, gave her a little trim around her bangs (although she is currently trying to grow them out) and in the end, it looked really nice. She is one lucky girl, I never got any hair cuts from a stylist when I was 12!! My mom put a bowl on my head and started to cut! Ok, not THAT bad but def. not a cute little stylish hair cut! After Kay, my brother straightened my hair with his very fancy expensive hair straightener. I love it! Bone straight. I have been thinking about getting a japanese hair straightening appointment at one of the local japanese salons because I want to have my hair straight straight. But it's really really expensive and can only last up to 6 months or so depending on your hair. My brother managed to get my hair straight straight with his straightener but it took quite some time, I have a lot of thick hair! I am debating if I should purchase one of these hair straighteners. It's def. a really good straightener and it's from Japan so I know it will last. It's probably going to cost me about $200 but I'm sure it will be worth it. I don't know, I need to think about it. After my hair was done, I headed over to the kitchen to help with dinner. Preparation of dinner is very time consuming and eating dinner is over in a matter of 30 minutes! Now I know why we don't do turkey dinners very often! There was a ton of food, my mom prepared potato salad (my grandma's fave.), creamy fettuccini with shrimps, cream cheese/crabmeat perogies, halibut wrapped with bacon, stuffing for the turkey, vegetable soup, ceasar salad, baby roasted potatoes and turkey! Crazy amounts of food, tons of leftovers. It was a really good dinner though and it was really nice to spend the time with all my family. I hardly ever get to see my brother and it's nice to see how happy my mom was to see her son. He hardly ever comes to visit her, boys are selfish that way. Boy, I'll be sick of turkey real soon..... a few photos from the dinner.

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