Sunday, October 01, 2006

VIFF 2006 & Shopping

The Vancouver International Film Festival has started! I love attending the VIFF and every year I try to catch at least 4 or 5 films (although the last few years, I’ve only made it to 2 or 3). This year, I’ve planned out the film titles / times on a schedule and I am hoping to catch at least 5 or 6 this year!

This morning, Jas and I met at Granville Theatres at 9.30am – yes on a Sunday morning. All the VIFF films run daily for about 2 ½ weeks. Sometimes, I can catch them in the evening and sometimes I can’t. Also, due to popularity of a film, they may have an extra screening for the film. There are usually three showings per film. The film we wanted to see was called Volver with Penelope Cruz, this started at 10.00am. I really wanted to see this one because I had heard some really great reviews on this film. As Jas and I arrived a block from the theatre, we noticed there was a huge line up. OMG, it was for the movie we wanted to catch! There were a few different line ups all over the place and it seemed a little disorganized because it was a hard to tell where was for what. Apparently the way they set up the line ups were one for ticket holders, one for ticket holders picking up their prepaid tickets and one rush line up (for those who haven’t purchased a ticket). We ended up lining up in the wrong line the first time. When we figured out which line was for the rush tickets, we obviously did not pre purchase our tickets, we decided that we probably wasn't going to be able to get tickets for this one. So we looked over the other films that were playing as well. We decided on a French film called Dans Paris. At the ticket window, we heard one of the VIFF people say to the ticket person, there were only 40 seats available for Volver. Jas and I looked over to the rush line and there were way more than 40 people in that line up. Thankfully, we were not in it!!

After purchasing our tickets for Dans Paris (this movie started at 11:00am) we had some extra time to catch before heading into the line up for Dans Paris. We decided to catch some breakfast at Burger King, I have never had breakfast at Burger King and I never will again. Yuck!! Finishing off breakfast, we headed over to the line up for ticket holders. We didn't have to wait for very long because they started letting people into the theatre around 10.30ish. The movie was really good, if you are into French films or artsy films, def. go and catch this one. I think Jas enjoyed it but was not expecting the movie to play itself out the way she is used to. Hollywood blockbusters are usually more straightforward and to the point. Dans Paris storyline was narrated in a few different directions. But I really really enjoyed the film and am glad we caught this one.

After our film, we headed over to Robson street to do a little bit of shoe shopping - NOT FOR ME, FOR JAS. She was looking for a pair of Puma sneakers to replace her old ones. We hit a few different shoe stores on the street before finding a pair of Pumas that she liked and could picture herself wearing. Before making the purchase, she wanted to head over to the Bay to see if Hbc stocked them. If so, she wanted to charge them on her Hbc card. At B2 Shoes on Robson, I found a pair of cute anklet rain boots covered in a union jack pattern, very bold and bright (just like the Brits!). These were rubber boots but not like your every day ordinary rubber boots. These ones had a ½ “ heel with a pointy toe. Very chic and cute. I would def. wear them. At $98 / pair, yes it seems a little excessive but I almost bought a pair of Burberry rain boots for $300 which I did order but when the time came for me to try them on, they were not at all comfortable. I too, decided I wanted to check out Hbc’s Browns Shoes section to see if they carried these boots. If so, I could use my Hbc point card and collect the points. On our way there, Benefit Cosmetics sidetracked us because it’s in the path of the way to the shoe department. We looked around and decided to come back as the cosmetic girl was busy working on two girls getting their face done up. I found my rain boots at the Brown section but decided to hold out because I wanted to look around the Bay's shoe department first. Viola! Lucky me, I found a pair of Rockport rain boots! Very sleek, chic and sexy AND the boots match my office attire. In Vancouver, we can expect the rain to start any day now and it will shall last until the beginning of summer so I want to be prepared this year. Last year, we had a breaking record (well almost breaking) of 28 days of RAIN. Yes, 28 freaking days!!! So, I really REALLY really need a pair of rain boots. These ones are patent leather, waterproof and comfy with a little platform heel. I am so glad I waited out because even at regular price, these were $100.00 (a very good price for patent leather rain boots!) but as the cashier rang up my purchase, SURPRISE it came up to $59.99 and I was like WTF? The cashier said, oh these are on sale. I was super happy and I love surprises like that! Jas said I was a geek :) After finishing off at the cashier, we headed back to Benefit counter and Jas ended up purchasing the BADgal Lash because it is amazing! Her eyelashes looked so luscious! I ended up buying fy eye.... an eye primer for your eyelids so this will prevent your eye make up to crease or lose the colour before th end of the day. A pretty good day!

Head over to Trishaopholic to view my newest purchase! Rain Boots.

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Re. The 28 days of rain: Our wedding was the day that broke the downpour! We had sunshine the whole time.(Thank goodness!)