Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oooh, New Techy Toy!

I have decided; we NEED a new cordless phone in our place. Especially since Kay is now a tweenager and is constantly babbling on the ONLY cordless phone we have in the place. Sometimes she talks so long that the battery dies and we have no access to the landline until it charges up. Also, I would like to replace the crappy corded phone we have in my bedroom with a new phone. It’s so crappy; it makes static noises when you are using it. WTF? It’s a CORDED phone, how does it get staticky? Dunno… I wanted to purchase a second Siemens cordless phone, similar to the one we have but more updated because it’s awesome. I discovered the other day that I could take it outside and have clarity while talking or listening, no static. Wow! Kay has taken the phone into the laundry room which is pretty much underground and no problems. On numerous occasions, we accidentally dropped the phone and it’s never failed us yet. Except for a few minor scratches here and there, it’s in almost perfect condition. Plus the BONUS of this phone, the technology and adversity of the Seimens phones built and made like a cellular phone with menus on the screen. One of the reasons why I purchased the Seimens phone is it reminded me of my own cellphone. Today, at lunch, I headed over to London Drugs and Future Shop and I noticed neither carried the Seimens cordless phones. I inquired with a salesperson at LD and he stated that Seimens no longer distributes their cordless phones to the North American market. WHAT?!?! No way, I love their phones and I could do with any one of these. Yes, I do recall paying quite a bit of money for my old cordless but it is worth every penny. I might have to get R to look into purchasing one for me the next time he is in Europe or maybe in Taiwan I'm sure they sell them there. Right? :) So I ended up with a Panasonic 5.8 GHZ without the answering machine, which doesn’t seem too bad but not my Seimens phone. I’ll test it out and see how it does. This one seems to have shock and water resistance so I might have to switch the phones around and keep this one in the living area. Kay is prone to dropping and eating while on the phone.

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Kami said...

Ooooh, very pretty. We have Panasonic phones, too, and like them!!