Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Weekend...

… consists of chauffering my Mother and Daughter around.


I spent the day driving Kay and her friend, C around the city for C’s chinese/swimming lessons. After C finished her lessons, I dropped them off at C’s house and headed over to R’s place to check his mail. I decided to head over to Zellers to pick up some miscellanous items for myself. During the day, the weather was somewhat rainy and with slight flurries (wet snow) but as day turned into evening, it became very cold and the flurries turned into freezing rain. C’s Mom, E, invited me out for dinner, a thank you for the weekends I’ve been driving her daughter around. The Girls wanted to go to this very popular pasta restaurant in their neighborhood and E has never been nor does she know how to order pasta. This place is known for their notorious line-ups. As luck would have it, I became the choosen one (E worked until 7.30pm so it was decided that I would head over to the restaurant to line up). At 7.00pm, I was in the line up. There were already 20 people ahead of me. Apparently, it was a birthday night, two larger groups in front and the rest two’s and four’s. I waited 50 minutes for a table when they finally called my name. But guess what, I couldn’t have it because my party was not there yet. Apparently, there is a rule … damn. E was running late at work so by the time they ended up at the restaurant, it was 8.15pm. Luckily, we were able to get a table at that moment they all arrived, thank goodness! I WAS STARVING! I didn’t have lunch, saving my tummy for the yummy pasta, and it is definetly worth the wait. If you are ever in the area, starving for pasta and willing to stand in a line up for an hour or so in rain or shine, go check out Anton’s Pasta on Hastings, Burnaby.

Headed over to my Mom’s house to visit Grandma and Mom as I do every weekend, the dutiful daughter I am. My Grandma had a couple of appointments with different sellers who were selling their Toyota Corollas. One of them was located in Burnaby by Middlegate Mall but we agreed to meet somewhere in the middle which we decided was the parking lot in the Old Orchard Mall. This seller’s asking price was a little bit higher than the others but the condition of his car was fairly new. Mom decided to make an offer, about $2,000 less than what they were asking, but they declined the offer and were not willing to budge in price. Oh well, too bad for them. We then headed over to Army & Navy to browse their weekly deals. I wanted to get my weekly grocery shopping done but time was cut short when Mom realized she needed to head home for her MJ game. Grandma made dinner for us and after dinner, I sat and chatted with Grandma for about an hour. I left by 7.30ish because I needed to pick Kay up from C’s and it was getting late for a school/work night. I was pretty tired by the time I picked Kay up and decided agaisnt going grocery shopping, headed home to get ready for bed. I guess I can wait until Monday night to get my grocery shopping done.

That’s pretty much the exciting weekend I had…. Hope you all had a great weekend…..

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FunkyB said...

THANK YOU for your birthday wishes! You're so sweet!