Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Studen LED Conference

Kay had her Student LED Conference tonight and she tried to sneak out of it by saying I didn’t have to attend this conference. The last couple of years, Teachers set appointment times for the children and their parents to come in throughout the afternoon/evening. But this year, it is an open house and no scheduled time slots which I find makes it hard to speak to the Teacher if you need to. After dinner, we headed over to the school and Kay introduced me to her schoolwork / projects. She had a folder of current homework/tests/projects and she showed me around the classroom about what they had done and what they are learning. I found out how disorganized Kay can be and after seeing her tests, I told her she needs to be more prepared during her study time. She seems to be doing just average when I know she can do better. We now have to organize her time after school and I told her no more TV or computer after school. She’s not too pleased with the idea but that’s that. She can’t be sneaking the computer around me (she comes home on her own after school) because I told her I can check to see if she has been online. Now, she comes home and she has to spend an hour or so on her homework and she must practice her violin and read before turning the TV or computer on. After showing me around and showing me her school work, I wanted to speak to the Teacher but she was busy with another student/his parents so Kay tried to sneak me out by dodging the Teacher. The Teacher noticed we were leaving and told me she needed to speak to me before we left. Basically, she told me Kay was struggling a little bit at her math, multiplying double digits. The VSB gave the school a little bit of funding and the funding was distributed amongst the classes. Her Teacher used the funds to hire a tutor for some of the students who were having problems in the class. Kay was one of the students sent to the tutor for help. The tutor found that if Kay applied her time and was shown the right direction, Kay would not have any troubles with math. Basically it comes down to Kay being a little lazy, if she applied herself, she would catch on. Now she must complete all her math corrections for homework and Teacher thinks she will do fine but if she continues to have problems, I may need to send her to an after school tutor.

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