Friday, February 17, 2006

Mardi Gras!

My very very good friend, Socabutterfly, is heading out to Trinidad to party and celebrate Mardi Gras! How lucky is she? I would love to go away and party it up in the sun and the people.

There are many events happening around town to celebrate this day. I would like to go and enjoy the night away but I never seem to have enough time on the weekend to enjoy such pleasures. Maybe one day.

SocaB is leaving (with her friend, Shel) tomorrow for
Houston to pick up a couple more of their friends and then Sunday, she is flying off to Trinidad. How exicting, can't wait to hear and see the pics!

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abcd said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog.
And a bigger thanks for helping
Deb. She has a horrid disease and
all the comments really do help.

They really helped our sister.

I love Vancouver :) one of our
sister's lives in Seattle-we hop
over to Vancouver when we visit.

Actually I love most of Canada.

Thanks again,