Friday, February 10, 2006

Week from Hell + PMS

This has been the week from hell. At first I thought, it was the bad vibes carried over from last week. Because the last 5 days I have been in a terrible mood. Every little thing pissed me off, little things that normally I can forget about or let go. Another thought was maybe my week has been so stressed because I didn't get a chance to relax over the weekend. AND THEN, I realized it's that time of the month again and usually, I can get a grip on my emotions but not this week. I just let it go, no holding back (one day, I almost broke down and cried). On Wednesday, I finally realized it was PMS and I made sure to give off a vibe to my coworkers not to talk to me For Whatever Reason. I was quiet, not really smiling, not being talkative and down right just avoided people all morning. I think they got the hint because people started dropping off work at my desk (attached with a yellow sticky of instructions) when I wasn't around. Anyways, I'm glad to know that the WHOLE WORLD isn't going crazy because I really thought it was!!! So glad it's the end of the week.....

Sometimes, we just have to let go. We have our moments and this week was mine. It's strange because the women in the office have been in this "mood" for the last two weeks. I guess it's just going around really bad this month ....

When I'm in a bad mood, I love to go shopping. It brings much happiness and joy to me. Especially shopping at my favorite stores. Yesterday at lunch, I decided to get out of the office for some air (it's been a beautiful week in Vancouver unlike my mood) and to "window shop" at Holt Renfrew (one of my fave. stores) for a gift for R, I ended up just shopping. I could not help it, I found something really nice and perfect for R. I wish I could post a pic because it's so fabulous but I don't want to ruin the surprise! Pics to come in the near future.... I cannot wait for the new HR to open at Pacific Centre. The new HR is going to be huge and hopefully an expanded selection of designers with more merchandise and selection. The store right now is quite small compared to HR in Toronto, Ontario.

Today was a stressful day at the office, there was some miscommunication on deadlines and I was working on something that was going to be sent out for Monday not TODAY. Because of this minor~MAJOR~ miscommunication, I put off all my current paperwork which was just as important as what I was working on today, I ended up staying at the office later to finish. Damn, I am not to pleased and damn tired. Thankfully, I did manage sneak out away from my desk for 30 minutes at lunch to "window shop" at one of my fave. designers. I am in love with this purse. In case the link doesn't work, here's a photo:

and I love this one too:

These pieces are like works of art. So very beautiful and all handmade in France (yes, I checked inside the purse to be sure)..... yes, these little things really make me happy. R knows me so well :) I hope to see one for my birthday? Or just because, there doesn't have to be an occasion to receive a gift like this, right??? ;)

PS. I bought a beautiful gift for Valentine's Day (although, R won't be here to celebrate it with me) ... BOY, R IS SO SPOILED.... but you totally deserve it :) xoxoxo


Kami said...

Very nice bags, but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! ;)

Can't wait to see what you got the man.

continuitygirl said...

I hate PMS I've been known in the past to start crying at my computer for no reason it really does suck.

Never heard of Holt Renfrew but I think I'd shop there alone just for the pretty pink bags!