Thursday, February 02, 2006

Off Week

This week has been a really off week for me. It started out on Monday where things were just not going right for me. Then, the last two days, I've been mis interrupting my FMPM's instructions and due to the miscommunication or misunderstanding (which ever sounds like it’s NOT my fault), I mishandled some emails and letters that went out. Not a HUGE DEAL (or a major screw up) but from now on before I send anything out, I will triple check with my FMPM. Yesterday, later in the afternoon, I ended up snapping at the CPM because he was in my face the whole afternoon about his stuff! Ugh... I had switchboard duty at lunch, which meant I wasn’t at my desk for an hour! He gave me his stuff right before lunch, I mean literally minutes before my lunch break and then expected me to do it right after I got back from lunch. Seriously, I would have started it but I couldn’t, I was on switchboard duty and I had no access to my computer. When I finished and headed back to my desk, he was tailing me and asked if I was doing his stuff. I was burning some information for him (I needed to make up 8 discs) and my computer can only go so fast. I was catching up on other things while the discs were burning. But he basically told me to drop everything and work on his discs. I WAS WORKING on his DISCS but I can only do so much while the discs are burning, RIGHT??!!?? I snapped at him and waved him out of my cubicle. He told me his items were TOP PRIORITY and the other stuff can wait. The reason why he is rushing me is because we have a courier deadline at 3:30pm and by the time I ended back to my desk and started working on stuff, it was close to 3:00pm. But before I could get to his stuff, I was at the Xerox machine for 30 minutes, photocopying a document that also had to go out by courier. Aaaah… I just snapped at him when he came back to push me on his stuff. I was already running around like a MAD WOMAN all afternoon, trying to catch all the deadlines and he has this way of getting to me. Don’t get me wrong, CPM is a very nice and fun guy but when it comes down to his work, he’s messy, disorganized, and last minute, which drives me insane! I am a neat and organized freak. I even organize my panties in my dresser!! So when I walk into his office and see the paperwork all over the place and boxes and boxes of stuff right by his door, it drives me INSANE. Thank goodness I sit on the other side of the office from him…..

What a week but thankfully it’s almost the end of the week. I decided I need to leave early tomorrow. My FMPM gave me the OK to leave at 2:30pm on Friday…Thank goodness…. An early start to the weekend…..

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