Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Baby Brother's 27th B'day!

*Note: I typed up a long post earlier but Blogger had a problem and I lost my original post. This one is going to be kept short. Thank you.*

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to yoooooooou!!

Today, my Little Brother turned 27 but every year we celebrate his 19th ;-) At his request, we made dinner reservations at the Korean BBQ House in Richmond. It is an All You Can Eat for $17.95 a person (adult, seniors/children discounted) and boy can he eat! He ate enough to cover all of us but he doesn't gain any weight over it, skinny as a chopstick! My Grandma bought him a
mango birthday cake and we had to drive all the way out to Kerrisdale to pick it up. But it was worth it! I asked my Grandma to order me a Chocolate Cake from Michele Cake Shop for my birthday in August. She gets a discount of 10% because she's a senior. Sweeeeeet... the chocolate cake is covered with Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs... mmmmmmm.... cream puffs.... I think my Brother enjoyed himself as it was a quiet night, the night before his friends took him out clubbing and I think he was a little hungover today. We opted not to buy him a birthday gift instead we gave him the universal gift of COLD HARD CASH. Which he seemed to love :) Happy Birthday!
For more birthday photos, go HERE. For more photos of the yummy cake, go HERE.

Today, I put about 60 km (40 miles) on my car because we took my Grandma around the city to look for a new car. She can't decide which car she wants but she knows she doesn't want a Acura or Honda but she like the new Toyota Corolla or a Mercedes Benz C class. All her friends own a Benz or BMW and she feels left out but I think she will end up buying a new Corolla. She's quite comfortable with the car.

My trip around the city: West side of Vancouver (where I live) to East side of Vancouver (Mom's house) to West west side of Vancouver (Kerrisdale, for dim sum / pick up cake) to Richmond (Automall) to Northwest side of Vancouver, close to downtown (Broadway/Burrad - Grnaville) to North Burnaby (pick up Kay) to East side of Vancouver (Mom's house) to Richmond (Dinner with Brother) to West side of Vancouver (home) = 60 + kms. What a day!

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Tink said...

He's a cute man. Happy Birthday!!!