Friday, February 17, 2006


Today at lunch, I went over to the Robson MAC store to pick up a foundation and a lipglass. If you go to any Bay MAC counter, you can never get the attention of any makeup artist because the beauty counters are understaffed which means you could be waiting for a good 30 minutes before you can get your product or ask a question. Therefore, I headed over to the Robson store because it is a store (not a counter) carrying all the product lines with an endless supply of each product. Also, this store is constantly buzzing with people and yet, there are 3 make up artist to every customer (ok maybe I am exaggerating but that is how it seems). Walking into the store, a girl named Jen, came up to me within seconds and she was very helpful and I loved her hair, she's very cool. She tested a few different shades, found the right shade for my face and although, I wanted pick up a "Oh Baby!" lipgloss (my everyday lip colour), I ended up with a new limited time product called chromeglass. The colour is a neutral coral with pearl which is not anything like my usual beige-brown colours. It's a nice colour for my skin tone and it is lighter than my usual lipcolour choice. In a mad rush to head back to the office, I ended up with $180.00 worth of stuff because I was due to relieve the receptionist for her lunch. At first, I thought the bill was $108.00, which isn't too bad (yes, I am an idiot, never paying attention to the amounts when using my debit card) but when I reached the office, I did a quick look at the receipt and nearly had a stroke! $180.00!!! Now, I'm not saying that it isn't worth it because yes, they are awesome make up products but I can't go and spend $180.00 on stuff that I don't need. I love my MAC make up and have been using MAC since I was a teenager but I really did not need a new make up brush (at $50.50, my local drugstore sells them at $15.00), a creme lipliner (at $16.00, I have not ever used a lipliner with my lipsticks or gloss) and a sheer pressed power (at $24.00, I hate the feeling of TOO MUCH on my face). With the senses and reasonability coming back to me, after I left the office, I returned the extras and I felt bad but my bank account was much happier. I'm addicted to MAC and shoes and LVs but only in baby steps....


Kami said...

A $50 brush?!?!?!?!?!?


Tink said...

I love my Mac lipstick. yes most of the girls behind
the counters are stuck-up & act like they're way too busy. ERGH!!! I bought(actually Mr Man) bought me
all new brushes & make-up from Trish McEvoy for
$700. FUCK!! I had no ideal.