Saturday, August 04, 2007

Zennkai, Shopping and Marie B

This afternoon, I had an appointment with Yulia at Zennkai Salon at Metrotown for a hair cut. Wow, she's awesome! I recommend her and I will def. be back for my next cut and maybe colour! She did exactly what I wanted, keeping my length and lightening my hair without thinning it out. I love it. I also decided to pick up some professional hair products as this is the BEST PLACE to buy professional hair products. Hopefully, the new hair product will get rid of my fly aways. I saw a really cool flat iron and it's at a pretty good price (only $139) but I am using a really good one right now.....

Being at Metrotown, I couldn't help going into Spring Shoes to check out their summer sales, last time I was in there, I missed out on a pair of really cute white and pink shoes!! You would not believe how much I got these cuties for!

After Metrotown, we headed over to HonHon's to check his mail and headed home to meet Marie B. I haven't seen her in what feels like months and it's funny how we were both thinking about each other today! Our plans were dinner and a craft project. We decided to stick around the neighborhood and have dinner at Sala Thai. Dinner was scrumptious as always and we caught up on each other's lives. It was good to talk and I really enjoy her company, she is such a fun person. After dinner, we headed back to my apartment and started on her necklace board which has been sitting in the craft room forever. She picked girlie colours (pink and purple with matching rhinestones) and we talked some more. A few hours later, we were both getting pretty tired and decided to call it a night. She lives by Metrotown so it was quite a ways back for her and after she left, Kay and I vegged on the couch. Kay wanted to rent another movie (we watched two movies last night) but it was too late for a movie and she tried to convince me she needed BBT. No, she will be up until 3.00am if I let her have BBT. Time for bed! Tomorrow I'm heading out berry picking with Rhoda, it's going to be a long and tiring day!

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Anonymous said...

i wouldn't go back to zennkai, and especially not to yulia, who streaked my black hair, and it didn't last two days. she said she didn't use bleach because colour would hold longer, which doesn't make sense since i could grab a bottle of l'oreal/clairol and do a home job and it would probably work out better. plus, she overcharged and had a bad attitude. and to think i even tipped her.