Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today, after my very short shift at work, I headed over to Rhoda's place for a BBQ! I didn't have time to prepare anything for the BBQ so I stopped by the liquor store to pick up a few bottles of wine. Before I headed over to Rhoda's, I did a quick stop at Oakridge to the Fido kiosk to change our plans and to see if I could get a phone or two. Gosh, it was super busy and customer service is awesome, Jay at Fido Kiosk is a really cool guy and really tried to help me by holding on the line to find out if I could pick up a new phone or two right at that moment. Apparently when Rogers Communications took over Fido, the rules changed and now you cannot get your new phone right away when you renew your contract, there is a 3 month waiting period. I was shocked because I really wanted to pick up two new phones today, one for my coworker and another one for my mom. But he couldn't get a hold of anyone so after 30 minutes of trying, we decided to try again another day. I will most def. ask for him the next time coz he knows my situation and the girls at the kiosk don't seem to know what they are talking about! After fido, I picked Kay up from her friends (she was at a sleepover) and we headed over to Rhoda's place for the BBQ! I was surprised to hear that she was still holding it coz the weather report said it was going to rain! To our surprise and our very first, a garage BBQ party! They decided to have the BBQ in the garage! It was an interesting and fun idea! Friends started coming by and it was really fun. Lots of booze, food and fun times. We had so much fun and it was great spending time with such good friends as Kay and I are having a hard time dealing with the VERY LATE ARRIVAL of HonHon. He has cancelled on us for the THIRD or FOURTH TIME.... I have lost track... but Thanks Rhoda for holding this awesome BBQ! Good time, good times. Love them like family.

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